Nebanda’s Mother Wanted For Beating Up Police Officer

Alice Namulwa, the late Cerinah Nebanda's mother

Alice Namulwa, the late Cerinah Nebanda's mother
Alice Namulwa, the late Cerinah Nebanda’s mother is wanted for allegedly beating up a Police Officer

Alice Namulwa, the mother of the late Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda, is wanted by police for allegedly beating up a police officer and breaking into a store.

It is alleged that on Thursday, Namulwa raided Kachonga police post together with the supporters of her daughter, Florence Andiru Nebanda, the NRM flag bearer  in the Butaleja by-election, and beat-up a police detective she found at the post.

Godfrey Odongo, the Malaba Regional Police spokesperson told Uganda Radio Network that the detective, whom he declined to name for security reasons, was trying to intervene in a fracas that erupted between Nebanda’s supporters and those of Betty Hamba, one of the independent candidates.

He said Namulwa together with the supporters beat-up the police officer before he was rescued by other officers who were at the station that time.

Odongo said shortly after that, Namulwa stormed the police post demanding to see 10 of her daughter’s supporters who were earlier arrested after they were found armed with stones and sticks loaded in a pick-up.

He said when the officers on duty told her the suspects were transferred to Butaleja Central Police station, she forced herself into a store where exhibits were being kept with suspicion that the suspects were being detained there. The incident occurred at about 1:00pm.

Odongo said the officer together with the Uganda Police Force have registered a case of assault and malicious damage under file CRB3307/02/2013. He said she is required to come and record her statement at Butaleja Central Police station.

Namulwa has taken a central role in the campaign for her daughter who wants her to replace Cerinah Nebanda, the vocal legislators who died on December 14th of suspected drug overdose.

Namulwa came into spotlight after the death of Nebanda, when she accused President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM government of having a hand in the death of her daughter.

During the burial of Nebanda on December 23, Namulwa tore into pieces a condolence message from President Museveni, moments after General Moses Ali, the 3rd Deputy Primer gave it to her.

She stunned many when she went ahead to field another daughter, Florence Andiru Nebanda, to contest in the Butaleja by-election under NRM party ticket.

Andiru is meeting stiff resistance from the voters in Butaleja most of who are accusing her family of double standards and fooling the public.

Other candidates in the race are Felistas Namwihiri for the FDC, Betty Hamba, Sarah Annet Logose, and Munaba Perusi all independents. Voting is set for February 11.

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  1. That woman has a mental challenge. I might say the whole family and I am strongly of the view that the government never killed Nebanda. Usually they say in Bunyole that it is the older birds which teach the young ones the habit of messing in the nests. I know them; they are a confused lot. I once worked with Alice’s younger sister who owned a school in Busolwe town but the school withered because of the way she was treating teachers and other worker. I recall how one time she dumped my bedding, kitchen utensils and many belongings of mine in the class room in which I was teaching. Trust me Red pepper, Adiru is going to fail; FDC should count another victory wait and see.

  2. Dear Ugandans, please pray for the family of the Nebandas Its absurd to have a mum like this one who has no respect for any one. What a pity!!!

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