No Incident As Gen. Sejusa Returns

Renegade Ugandan General David Ssejusa
Renegade Ugandan General David Ssejusa

In a shocking turn of events, former coordinator of Intelligence services in the country, General David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza is back in Uganda.

He arrived Sunday morning aboard a BA flight and was welcomed at Entebbe International Airport by the Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Ronnie Barya, his family and lawyer.

Dressed in an elegant black suit, the former renegade army general said it is his constitutional right to be home and hoped that there will be no incidents.

“It’s my constitutional right to be here, there has been no incindent from the state, I expect the state to continue acting like this,” Sejusa said on arrival.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo confirmed this news saying, “Former renegade UPDF officer, Gen David Sejusa returned home 3.00am this morning aboard BA a freeman & is at his home.”

Gen Sejusa, a former coordinator of intelligence services, fled into exile after writing a letter calling for investigations into rumours that there was a plan to assassinate senior government officials perceived to be against an alleged scheme to have Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba replace his father as president.

Sejusa returns a day before the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is set to hold it’s Delegates’ Conference to discuss amendments to its constitution.

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13 thoughts on “No Incident As Gen. Sejusa Returns

  1. I wont be surprised if Sejjusa has a deal with Museveni. I never trusted this guy. They are playing games on Ugandans. He used to supervise election theft, while he was in intelligence – he confirmed this recently while in the UK. May be he has come back to duty – its about election time.

    1. He may now say, he actually did not mean it or was taken out of context. He would say they had a parallel tally center to make sure there was no rigging! Go figure,will wait to see

  2. Mission accomplisheeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Only fools believe that he was against his mentor. Next assignment ensuring and safeguarding life presidency.

  3. I feel sorry for all of those who confined in him while he was in UK Most of them must feel nervous right now. This would be a very very, very interesting story if Uganda had journalists that dare investigate these kinds of things. There are hundreds of questions that should be asked.

    1. I doubt many trusted him much in the short time. Some cut ties with him & his movement/so called rebel group was collapsing. The people he has trying to con on behalf of regime figured it out. Now Besigye, Mao, Otunnu , Mugisha should be ware of this dude. Just keep the fella as far away as possible, he is too inconsistent or erratic. He was afraid of ICC after the his started ranting recently that he wants Africa to pull out. The regime knows too well charges may be brought about some of them and UK would not hesitate to hand those fella’s over to ICC. The general has data on regime’s activities in the North and East- of Uganda or DR-Congo.

  4. Sejjusa you have done the right thing, you cannot continue hiding here and there at your age. Welcome home, relax, rest and enjoy your retirement. We have young people who Understand current politics NOT YOUR LOT ANYMORE.

  5. There is definitely a deal on the offing. No way c’d Sejusa throw himself in the fangs of a python

    1. But he is the fangs of the python, without which the python is toothless!
      He wont be of any use to the opposition or to a new Uganda. His quite mischievous and cannot be trusted. He was just a mole can deal with him at own risk.

  6. Colonel Ogole died when he went to UK. No one should trust this guy. He did a similar thing in 1996/1997 and was put in a more strategic position thereafter. Testing the waters…. man

  7. He was never a renegade in the first place. I am lucky not to be among the fools who believed this drama.

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