General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

General David Sejusa, the former coordinator of Intelligence Services who fled the country after falling out with President Yoweri Museveni’s government has returned to Uganda. He has been spotted at his home in Sembabule district.

Renegade Ugandan General David Ssejusa
Renegade Ugandan General David Ssejusa

Gen Sejusa, formerly known as Tinyefuza, fled the country on April 29th 2013 after drafting a letter that claimed his life was in danger for opposing the alleged project for first son Brigadier David Kainerugaba Muhoozi to take over as president of Uganda.

In the letter he called for an investigation into the claims. He claimed that senior government officials were at risk of assassination for opposing the plot for Brig. Muhoozi to succeed his father President Yoweri Museveni as Ugandan President.

After a year and half in self-imposed -exile in United Kingdom, David Sejusa returned to Uganda last night aboard British Airways.

His Lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi tells Uganda Radio Network on phone that he is one of the few who welcomed him at Entebbe International Airport.

Rwakafuuzi says Ssejusa arrived at 3:14am. He says there was no incident at Entebbe airport. He explains that after checking in, he drove straight to his home in Sembabule with a few of his relatives.

There are also reports that Gen Sejusa came back on the same plane with Sam Kuteesa, the President of United Nations.

At around 7:30am, residents say they saw blue car which belonged to Gen. Sejusa’s late father arriving at his home located at Nkoma village in Lugusuulu Sub County. The residents say they saw him get out of his car with two relatives.

Eyewitnesses say on arrival to Nkoma village, he first went to his farm and inspected the washing and spraying of his cows. A security source that prefers not to be named told Uganda Radio Network that the spent several minutes overseeing the spraying of his animals on Sunday morning.

Fred Karahure, the Lugusuulu Sub County LC3 Chairperson has confirmed Gen Sejusa’s arrival in Sembabule. He says he has personally seen him in his farm. He says although he thought security would arrest him, he looked unbothered and went on with his duties of inspecting his animals.

Karahure also says he did not see any security personnel at Sejusa’s home. He says family members told him they are going to have special prayers for his late father Simon Peter Bwajojo who was buried at  Bweyare village in Lugusulu Sub-county, Sembabule District.

Gen. David Sejusa has not yet spoken about his return to Sembabule although some reports say he said his return is his constitutional right.

However, Robert Walugembe, the Sembabule District Police Commander said that they have not deployed because they are not bothered about him. He first said that he was not aware of his return but later confirmed that he was in Sembabule.

At the time of filing this report, Gen. Sejusa and his family members were still at his home in Nkoma.

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