No Money for January LC Elections – Kasaija

No Money for January LC Elections – Kasaija

Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija has said the ministry is not ready to add more funds to Electoral Commission to organize the January Local Council elections.

Minister Kasaija insists they only have Shs10 billion for the elections while EC says they need of Shs15 billion to be able to organize the elections well.

“It’s sh10b or nothing. I have nothing useful to add,” Kasaija said in response to a question by committee chairperson whether government was amenable to the idea of increasing the budget for LC polls from sh10b to sh15.9b.

He said the EC and other stakeholders should readjust and operate within the available resource envelope instead of tasking the government to add it more money.

Kasaija and technocrats from EC, and ministries of finance, local government and gender were today appearing before the local government committee over the local government amendment Bill, 2016.

Earlier, Leonard Mulekwah, the director operations at EC told lawmakers that sh10b was inadequate to conduct polls in over 50,000 villages in Uganda.

Mulekwah told lawmakers that sh10b was agreed upon on condition that the whole exercise – nomination, campaigns, and voting would take place on one day.

“We have to conduct these elections in line with multiparty requirements as ordered by constitutional court. I don’t think it’s possible to conduct nominations in one day which makes the figure of sh10b inadequate,” Mulekwah noted.

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