Nobody has the Capacity to Intimidate You- M7 Tells Kampala Residents

After Thursday’s presidential elections, Kampala was empty-abandoned by traders who anticipated post-election violence. However, on Monday, business was booming again.


President Museveni has assured Kampala residents that their security is guaranteed and nobody has capacity to intimidate them.

Commenting on the ongoing local council elections yesterday, Museveni said he has received numerous reports of threats and intimidation.

“I have received numerous reports of threats and intimidation of supporters, election officials and candidates aimed at discouraging them from participating in the local council elections. I want to assure every Ugandan across the country; especially those in the Kampala area that nobody has the capacity to intimidate you or deny you your right to vote,” Museveni said.

Adding; “Your security is guaranteed as you exercise this right. As in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the local council elections shall be peaceful and successful.”

Museveni has on numerous occasion vowed to smash anyone planning to start chaos in Kampala. Days to the presidential elections, Military police, army and the police were heavily deployed in Kampala to quash any violence.

He applauded Uganda who participated in the recently concluded Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

“I also want to specifically thank all those who voted and delivered this resounding victory ensuring steady progress for Uganda. Your participation in the election and commitment to a peaceful process ensured that Uganda remains peaceful and stable,” Museveni said.

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