Nodding Syndrome Victim Drowns In River

A child suffering from nodding disease

A 15 year old girl affected by nodding syndrome has drowned in Akoyo River in Akoyo village, Odek Sub County in Gulu district.

Esther Akello reportedly drowned into the river last week while she returned home from Hope for Humans, a centre that takes care of children with nodding syndrome in Odek Sub County. She was reportedly moving with a friend but decided to take a different path to cross the river.

According to Collins Angwech, the director Hope for Humans, Akello’s body was discovered when the mother reported that she did not return home the previous day, forcing the community and the police of the area to mount a search for her.

Angwech blames the girl’s death on lack of a proper bridge that would facilitate the movement of the children from the treatment and rehabilitation centre.

She said the girl did not want to step on water because she gets seizures due to coldness so she opted to pass the side of the river that has rocks, but instead ended up drowning.

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