NRM DAY TEMPTATION: Hyena seduced and shafted by Yasmine’s close friend


I had forgotten to tell you guys about the fun I had on NRM’S day. Apparently, it was NRM’s day on 26th January this year and as far as I could tell, all the women took themselves out to have some fun to celebrate the freedom given to them by Mwami Museveni, except my dear wife Yasmine.

“These days I can’t even trust you with your own sister, so how can I trust you with all those women who have come out to play?” she asked me. We made arrangements to go to Ssese beach to celebrate the day, and by midday, we were already there.

It seems like all the women in Kampala had converged at the beach, and were indeed willing to play. Lucky for me, Yasmine met some high school friend of hers who looked ripe enough to eat. I swear this woman must have been molded from heaven, because she had the largest hips with the tiniest waist. Her boobs looked as ripe as oranges, and thankfully I was putting on a loose shirt, otherwise Yasmine would have seen my whopper shot up, which would have made her run berserk.

Anyway, I wore my sunglasses so that I could stare at her as much as I wanted without being seen. As the two babes hugged, the friend’s butt kept on shaking uncontrollably, giving new meaning to the word Kampala.

“This is my husband Hyena,” Yasmine introduced me to her friend, and although I was dying to pounce on her like a starved lion, I maintained my cool. “So you are the lucky guy who managed to pin down the lovely Yasmine. You must have something special,” Flavia said and gave me a hug. I swear I felt her boobs piercing me like spears, and I could feel the ‘pain’ in my whopper.

When she felt the whopper start saluting Flavia hugged me tighter, grinding her Kandahar into my crotch. “Okay, that is enough,” the nosy Yasmine interjected just as I was beginning to slowly go to heaven.

Flavia released me, and before I could think of something else to say, Yasmine grabbed her hand and took her away. I followed them with my eyes, and just as they were disappearing, Flavia turned around and winked at me, licking her lips as well. The babe was doing all she could to invoke unholy thoughts within me, and I must say that I wasn’t complaining.

I immediately smelt a rat, because it seemed like Yasmine had contracted her friend to tempt me so that she could catch me red-handed. I vowed not to give in and settled down to watch babes in all kinds of shapes and sizes playing in the water.

Everywhere my eyes turned, they would land on some babe exposing her bums in the water. I prayed to God to bring one exposing something more, and sure enough, one babe was so excited that she forgot to adjust her swimsuit, which had got caught inside her Kandahar, leaving one part of it exposed together with her twin towers. The babe was innocently walking towards me, and I almost had a heart attack.

After making sure that Yasmine wasn’t around, I followed the ka babe salivating over her bums. As if sensing that we would need some privacy, the babe led me behind the furthest loos where she was supposed to change from. “Excuse me nyabo,” I said to her. “Can I please arrange your swimsuit for you?” I asked her. She looked at me suspiciously, but nodded, not sure what I had in mind.

I drew near her and slowly went for her Kandahar. My blood boiled as I touched the warm twinnies. “Ee eh! What are you………oooh,” she exclaimed and closed her eyes as my fingers ‘accidentally’ surfed her. Soon she could no longer stand, and I had to support her on the wall. The place was properly hidden by trees, so without waiting for permission, I quickly pulled out my now angry whopper, got a CD from my ever ready pack and started shafting the babe mercilessly. I made it a quickie, because I knew my suspecting wife could appear anytime.

I had to hold her mouth shut because she had started screaming in tongues. Afterwards, the babe actually knelt down and said, “Thank you very much sir. I never knew what it felt like to hit the top until you shafted me.” I felt sorry for her and gave her my number. “Call me during the week and I will give you more of that medicine,” I assured her.

I quickly went back to my Yasmine. “Where are you coming from?” she asked. I cooked up a good excuse and the issue was forgotten, but I started scheming how I was going to shaft Flavia. She sat across from me, and widened her legs carelessly, revealing her sexy netted panties. I know she was doing it on purpose.

“Kama mbaya mbaya!” I exclaimed, knowing that I couldn’t take it anymore. Flavia kept on looking at me and doing all kinds of things to get my attention, especially when Yasmine wasn’t looking. She waited until it was night time and I was on my way to the Gents loos. She waylaid me on the way and whispered, “I have always wanted everything Yasmine has. I want to shaft you.”

I immediately felt electricity running through my spine to my whopper. She took me in the Men’s changing room and did things to me that could have made another guy blush. We shafted for over an hour and even exchanged phone numbers, because I just couldn’t have enough of her.

I am hoping that we shall do it again. We went back to Yasmine using different routes to avoid suspicion, but Flavia excused herself soon afterwards and left us at the beach. I must say Women’s day was good for me.

Till then, I remain Yours Truly, The Mighty Hyena.


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