NRM Party Offices Closed Over Failure To Pay Rent

NRM Secretary Gemera; Justine Kasule Lumumba


NRM Party Offices Closed Over Failure To Pay Rent

By Milton Emmy Akwam

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party offices in Lira district have been locked after the party failed to pay rent for over a year.

NRM had not paid rent since September, 2015; the amount had accumulated to over Shs4m. The offices were located at Barogole Wigweng, Ojwina division in Lira Municipality.

Moses Okello Oleng, the owner of the house which NRM was occupying said he couldn’t hold it any longer since the party failed to fulfill the contract.

“NRM party that I fought for has never danced to my deeds even after several attempts and promises to comply,” he said.

Oleng is also preparing legal action against NRM for breach of agreement.

In his letter dated December 8, directed to the party administrative secretary Okello said; “I hereby write to your office demanding for the payment of office rent from last year September, 2015 up to date worth 3.6 million plus 970,000 for painting the office and printing NRM office name, making a total of 4,570,000.”

He however wrote to the top party administration after having thrown the occupants out and locked the office.

He vowed not unlock the office unless his arrears are paid to zero balance.

When contacted for the comment, the RDC Robert Abak declined to comment arguing that he works for the government not NRM.

In mid-October, 2016, the Otuke district NRM party office was also shut over the same matter.

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