Ntagali Warns Clergy On Politics

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

Archbishop of the church of Uganda His Grace Stanley Ntagali has warned religious leaders against engaging in partisan politics and “misleading the flock.”

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali
Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

Ntagali, who is currently on a visit to the Diocese of Kigezi, was addressing the clergy during a Diocesan Dinner held at St. Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama, Sunday evening.

He called on his clergy to focus on uniting the flock. He pointed that the responsibility of ensuring that all Ugandans are united will only be achieved if the clergy desist from participating in partisan politics.

Ntagali remarks come just a week to 2015, an election year.

He noted that the Kigezi region has a history of clergy taking sides in politics, an act he says must stop

Religious leaders from and those based in Kigezi region have in the past openly thrown their weight behind particular candidates during elections. This, Ntagali said has often caused confusion and division in the region.

Kabale district, in Kigezi region, has for decades tolerated the marriage of religion and politics. Every election season, the church – both Catholic and Anglican – plays a central role in mediating political conflict and influencing the vote.

In the 2011 general elections, a group of Christians accused Bishop George Katwesigye the Emeritus Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi of actively participating in politics and causing division among the Christians.

Bishop Katwesigye was particularly accused of urging his congregation to vote for candidates of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

President Yoweri Museveni and his ministers have in recent past warned religious leaders against engaging in active politics.

The President has on several occasion said that the clergy should only focus on social issues and development challenges facing the country.

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