Ochola Merges Police Special Units

Inspector General of Police (IGP) John Martin Okoth Ochola has reorganized the command and supervision of all specialized units in the force.

The 13 specialized units established during the reign of his predecessor Gen Kale Kayihura were picked from different directorates and have been under the direct command and supervision of the office of the IGP.

The units which have been reverted to their mother directorates include; Special Investigations Unit, Flying Squad,  Marine, Air Wing, Railway Police,  Environmental Police,  Agricultural Police,  Canine, Mineral Protection, Presidential protection guard,  Cyber Crimes,  Surveillance and Special Operations and Criminal Case Tracking Task Force.

The Units were reverted through a message sent to all Directorates and Unit signed by Okoth Ochola.

According to the message, Flying Squad, Special Investigations Unit and the Criminal Case Tracking Taskforce have been reverted to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. The surveillance and special operations unit reverts to the Directorate of Crime Intelligence while Cyber Crime reverts to the Directorate of Forensic Services.

In the same changes, the Canine, Mineral Protection, Air-Wing, Environmental Police, Agricultural Police, Railway Police, Environmental Protection, Marine and the Presidential Protection group reverts to the Directorate of Protection.

Okoth Ochola has also merged directorates bringing the number down from 23 to 21.

The Directorate of oil and Gas which had been under the leadership of Assistant Inspector General of Police Abbas Byakagaba has been merged with the Directorate of Counter-terrorism, while the Anti-Stock which was previously headed by Haruna Isabirye has been merged with the Directorate of Operations and will now operate as a specialized Unit.

The concerned directors have been ordered to provide a reorganization within one week.



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