Odonga Otto Against Recall of Parliament

Aruu County MP Odonga Otto


The Member of Parliament for Aruu County, Samuel Odonga Otto has said he is not in support of the Members of parliament’s demand to recall Parliament.

Otto claimed that some of the MPs have been intimidated by the arrests made adding that though they are endorsing their signature they are frightened of the outcome.

“They may be endorsing their signatures but in their heart they are having contradicting feelings,” Otto said.

The MPs want Parliament recalled to discuss the standoff between parliament and the executive as well as the arrest of their colleagues over the comments that they made on Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda’s death among other issues.

The Parliamentary rule of procedure says that in case of an urgent matter in the country, MPs are required to raise 125 signatures for them to have Parliament recalled and discuss the matter.

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  1. That’s according to you poor Paul. If i may ask, when was the parliament supposed to come back from recess? Whats was so urgent that could not wait for a week? You sound like you are God fearing, how sure are you of all your claims, were you there when they were unfolding? Always be sure of what you say lest you will become like the shivering ‘so called’ mps!!!!

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