One area that I am familiar with is losing—Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change hopeful Presidential candidate Rt. Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye has said that he is familiar with losing elections and he would rally behind Muntu if he emerges as a winner of the coming party flag bearer elections.


“One area that I am familiar with is losing and I have never had trouble with that but I have also won a number of times. If my brother wins, I will be behind him and expect the same if I win,” Besigye said.

He made the remarks last night during the first ever Presidential FDC Flag Bearer Debate at Rwenzori Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

Besigye was quick to add that Uganda has never had free and fair elections. “We have never had free and fair elections. The courts of law have for the first time confirmed that,” He noted that the determination that the next election “must be free and fair is not mine alone but for the citizens too.”

He emphasized that it is Citizens who have resolved that Uganda should have reforms ahead of the next election and promising that the struggle for reforms is on and is not going to end.

Besigye also said that Museveni has been ruling Uganda in a military dictatorship way.

“Let us agree that we do not have free and fair elections and that we have military dictatorship in this country,” Besigye said.

Mugisha Muntu said Ugandans must be united and that if the nation loses the question of Unity, Uganda is finished.

“We lose question of unity, we are finished,” Muntu said.

On the thorny issue of homosexuality, Besigye said that it is a moral question and as a Christian his moral values are guided by his faith while Muntu said homosexuals should not be castigated.

“The Bible talks about love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Homosexuals shouldn’t be castigated. Through love they can be recovered from their situation.”

Muntu added that children must be protected from campaigns to encourage converting them to homosexuality.

Muntu and Besigye will face off in FDC flag bearer elections on Wednesday September 02, 2015 after countrywide consultative meets canvassing support from party delegates.

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