You are useless! Opposition lynchpin Besigye attacks elites for misguiding citizens


Kampala – Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party President Dr Kizza Besigye has lashed out at the educated for understanding the challenges on the nation and not taking action.

While speaking at the Morning Breeze, an NBS TV show, hosted by veteran journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala, the four-time presidential candidate trolled Ugandan elites labelling them ‘useless.

“The worst group of Uganda that I have an issue with are the educated; elite, they are the most useless people we have in Uganda,” Besigye said unapologetically

The opposition lynch pin added salt to the wound by drawing a comparison of the elite to that got the message of salvation in the ancient days and did not spread the word.

“Even God will forgive those that did not get the message of salvation from Muhammed or God but if you get the message that there is salvation, and you do everything to negate then you are the most dangerous and should go to the hottest part of hell,” Besigye.

It is the elite have the duty and responsible to inform those that are not informed; guide them properly to make the right political decision”

Besigye further lashed out saying the elites were in parliament doing the contrary.

“They know and cannot stand up for the truth, they are in parliament selling themselves like Kabalagaala; causing the country a lot of pain…. Let us get the leaders we want,” Besigye clarified.

He cautioned that if Uganda produce such leaders then they are bound to reap from what they have sown.

Asked about systems to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Besigye responded that funds have to made available to deal with the coronavirus

“However, the money will fall through the cracks – vanish because we haven’t built systems. In fact, as soon as the money comes it just evaporates. This is a wakeup call for the nation,” Besigye sustained.

In his recent Easter message, the former FDC Party president called upon Ugandans to seek a solution to challenging situation as they celebrate the Easter festivities subsequent to interruption of the Lenten season by the COVID-19 pandemic

“Although the penitential obligation of observing lent like solitude (now isolation or Quarantine) and fasting (now lack of food due to the lockdown and curfew) appear to have been imposed on us without adequate preparations, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” said Kizza Besigye urging Ugandans that it was time to be our human best and reach out to one another.

Besigye further emphasized the symbolism of Easter and challenging the public never to lose it.

“The persecution, death and resurrection of Jesus we celebrate is the rebirth of man – to love all; to share and show the empathy to all,” Besigye sustained.

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