Otafiire Blasts Bishop On Age Limit

Former Ruhinda MP and current Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Kahinda Otafiire has poked the ire of Catholics by blasting Bishop Robert Muhiirwa over his remarks on the Age Limit issue.

Last Sunday Bishop Muhiirwa waded into political waters and warned leaders to take seriously the oaths they make while holding the bible.

Muhiirwa, from Fort Portal diocese was celebrating Mass at Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine during the annual pilgrimage by faithfuls from Mbarara Archdiocese.

He said: ‘The word of God must not be played with. The leaders of this country must not joke with the Bible. They held a Bible in their right hand and swore to defend the constitution.”


But Otafiire, who was defeated by Donozio Kahonda, a previously unknown politician during the last Parliamentary election, slammed back at the Bishop.

Otafiire told an NRM meeting in Fort Portal that: “Jesus left only one Church under St. Peter but now there are many churches with different religious leaders. So, if the Constitution of the church had not been changed to cater for different religions, Muhiirwa would not have been Bishop today.”


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2 thoughts on “Otafiire Blasts Bishop On Age Limit

  1. My opinion is that let those trying to amend the constitution by removing age limit do so for every position. Why presidency only let’s have civil servants serve no matter what age. Let’s all day retirement is over and allow justices serve, teachers, doctors etc serve as long as they are available and able to serve. Remove age limit on all positions in Uganda as NRM is saying and see where we shall all be. NRM is not honest by targeting only the position of the pŕesident

  2. What s happening to our amiable General ! Has already forgotten that the Legal Committee, under Honorable Oboth Oboth , has requested the Inter-Religious Council to appear before it and have their input . General are you now going to give them what to say ? I think the minister has gone overboard in this issue. He should check his words.

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