Social media updates and comments send subtle signs to the viewer and the universe about the health or longevity of your relationship.  Most of it boils down to the fact that over sharing on social media ruins relationships. There is a delicate balance between over sharing and sharing, and the healthiest couples seem to have mastered it.  Sharing is an important part of life, but bragging weakens a solid foundation.  In fact, over sharing to the point of bragging is the sign of a relationship headed towards disaster. 

All relationships have ups and downs, and none are perfect.  But these over sharers want to convince themselves and their followers that things are better than they are.  These pieced together illusions can make it dangerous for the couple who have created high expectations for themselves.  But it is also hazardous to the voyeuristic viewer who unknowingly and longingly models their relationship off of the fairytales displayed through social media.

Over sharing sexualized posts are designed to agitate and shake things up in the relationship and it usually works.  Although you may not get the response, you expected.  These posturing digs are strategic and carefully constructed to elicit a rise.  When couples resort to this tactic, there is usually a goal in mind.  They are either revenge seeking, trying to make their person jealous, they want to start an argument, or the relationship has ended and they want to send a f*ck you message.  Either way, things aren’t going well, or sexy posts surely aren’t going to help.

Relationships have to have private moments to survive.  To keep the relationship vibrant, you need small things that you can reminisce on when you are away from your person.  Unshared moments allow you to giggle secretly to yourself; you can even silently reward yourself for a well-planned surprise.  Staged precious moments don’t mean much because they devolve into photo ops for social media.  Eventually those intimate memories begin to matter less and less to both parties.  The relationship starts to feel staged, and for the person who doesn’t pose for pictures and videos quite as often, resentment takes hold.  When social media photo ops drain the relationship of genuine occasions, the two open their union to jealousy and trust issues. 

For relationship longevity during the age of social media, keep in mind that over sharing is not healthy for most relationships.  So instead of over sharing, focus on four key things; Try not brag about your relationship.  Instead, be humbly grateful to have love in your life.  Do not push your partner’s buttons on social media; most married couples admit arguing over social media.  The bigger number of divorce proceedings mention social media. Give your partner some space, without a little room to breathe; you can smother your relationship.  Lastly, keep some of your life’s sweetest moments between the two of you; you will both appreciate them more in the long run.

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