Ugandan Veteran journalist, Tony Owana. (FILE PHOTO)

Ugandan Veteran journalist, Tony Owana. (FILE PHOTO)

In an unprecedented and very dangerous development, a respected institution has condemned a police officer even before he is charged, tried and convicted.

Through its Prime Minister, Bunyoro Kitara rejected the deployment of a police officer connected with the unfortunate incident in Mityana, for which Uganda Police continues to apologise.

am one of the few journalists who insisted on giving H.E. Gen. Matayo Bitamazire Kyaligonza chance to be heard following a fracas with a traffic policewoman.

Now I humbly ask Omuhiikirwa Byakutaga; “How would Bunyoro have felt if Burundi had rejected Hon Gen Kyaligonza as our ambassador and gone on to describe him in the terms Owek Byakutaga used against a police officer UNHEARD?

I predict some more apologies in the near future….for God and my Uganda.

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