Pearl Forex Bureau Closed Definitely Over Money Laundering, Felony and Funding Illicit Acts

News reaching our desk has it that Pearl forex Bureau’s licenses has been revoked by Governor Bank of Uganda over reasons related to Money Laundering, Felony and Funding Illicit Acts (Homos and rebel groups)

Prof, Mutebile Tumusiime Emmanuel, while in final meeting to revoke Pearl Forex Bureau & Money remittance’s licenses.

When we contacted about the issue, Prof. Emanuel Tumusiime Mutebile said, “Am sorry am not BoU’s publist.” However, CIID’s publist, Vicent Sekate said they’re still investigating the case for funding unlawful activities, money laundering and felony.We’re investigating the Directors, Robert k Sengooba and Ms. Kareen White.

Sources within army told us that Bakayana’s family, Birungi (K) Florence, Sengooba (K) Robert K. Winnie and Maj, Nakalema .E had planned to take their money abroad.

UPDF’s publist, Richard Karemire, expressed surprise when contacted about the closure of the forex Bureau, he said he just read it in newspaper and online “I can’t say anything on National issues nor can’t be shared via phone calls.


Bakayana’s family members fled Uganda to avoid prison. According to CAA police, being high profiles, top state officials helped them to flee via Entebbe International Airport. CMI and CIID say Bakayana’s family including, David Sejusa aka (Tinyefunza) the embattled Ex coordinator of Military Intelligence, silently mobilized during his time in office and their “huge wealth” to mobilize a wide Army and Police deserters and Veterans in Masaka, Rakai Wakiso, Kampala and in other parts of Uganda to cause “regime change”

In similar news, Museveni through Uganda Comminications Commission (UCC’s) Engineer, Mutabazi.Godfrey, has closed Pearl FM radio said to be owned by Bakayana family.

Mutabazi said during the meeting that the Radio management failed to meet the required minimum broadcasting ethics by promoting violence, insecurity and sectarianism, breaching section 31 of the UCC Act in which Mutabazi also said that the Radio station and its presenters, S.Kasule, S.Kagwa. M.Basajja and its CEO, Sengooba, have been participating in political debates like: Global focus, Face-off One by one, Museveni’s inside story etc , attacking Museveni’s life-Presidency bill.

He pointed out, that on, Sunday, 22/10/2017 Sengooba, called Studio lines, threatened, Insulted and humiliated, NRM Spokesman, Rogers Mulindwa, while participating on a political talk show.

Secondly, the Management of those closed Radios and Tv stations failed to cooperate with CIID police section by refusing to hand over their  Audios,Videos, Telephone call recordings and other political debates “The inside story” and “Global focus” recordings within the 30 days given to them.

Eng, G.Mutabazi, breefing Journalists, about the closure of Pearl FM, other Radio & Tv stations.

It should be noted that Pearl Fm is the 6th Radio station to be closed by state within a month reasons; the managements of the affected Radio and Tv stations oppose life-Presidency bill

The rebel groups loyal, Bank-rolled by Bakayana family vowed to fight Museveni’s controversial life “presidential Bill”

Rebels funded by Bakayana’s family to end NRM regime.
Illegal fire-arms, which was snicked into the country by Pres Museveni’s rival Sengooba in between 2007, Photos source: CMI & CIID

“If Museveni does not hand over power peacefully, he should release all political prisoners,” they said in whatsapp videos they spread all over social media.

Museveni responded back warning Bakayana family to stop funding rebels and opposition MPs such as the embattled Hon. Kyagulanyi .S. Robert, Moses Kasibante and others opposing life presidency threatening to “wipe by crashing them all”

He sounded the warning after social media Intelligence crew handed him whatsapp Videos and Audios in which the rebels warned him.

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