Pension Saga Takes Ugly Twist As CIID Top Detectives Pin Akullo On Second Report

CIID Boss, Grace Akullo

The pension scam case has taken a new twist with two top Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID) penning a dossier pinning their boss Grace Akullo as having been solely responsible for authoring the second report, Red Pepper online exclusively reports.

CIID Boss, Grace Akullo
CIID Boss, Grace Akullo

The two police officers are D/SP George Komurubuga and D/AIP Moses Kato whom CIID director Akullo earlier accused of ‘killing the Shs 165b case’ after they reportedly received a bribe of shs 100m from the culprits.

Akullo openly told a local daily newspaper, Daily Monitor last week that the duo, without her knowledge, wrote a second investigation report which contradicted the official report she had signed off, and submitted to the DPP.

She said they wrote the second report in order to account for the money they had received from the suspects and they have since deserted their offices.

Responding to what they termed as assertions, Komurubuga and his colleague Kato have penned an eight page dossier dated April 25 to Akullo reminding her that she is the one who killed the case by authoring the second report which had missing parts of the preliminary report which the DPP and court prosecution were referring to previously.

“You will vividly remember towards the end of 2012 we embarked on report making with your close input and guidance, the report was typed by your secretary Jacinta and hopefully is saved within your office computers. The report made by ourselves was preliminary to essence that among other pending issues was comparative analytical I.T report at ministry of public service site and Cairo bank site computers, the hand writing expert report etc,” part of the dossier reads.


They added that; “We could sit with Jacinta on her computer reading your hand written draft report while for her she was typing it into the computers. When we were done with preliminary report, we asked Jacinta to and indeed she printed for us copies that we bound, came and handed to our own self in your office on a Monday 30th December 2013 in the presence of your secretary Jacinta whom you instructed to have the same report extracted from the computer to your own flash and you told D/AIP Kato to avail a copy to the prosecution team at the anticorruption court in Kololo with whom we had been working and were the ones regularly receiving all case documents.”

In this dossier which they sent a copy to Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, Komurubuga and Kato expressed distress saying that; “We got a chance of comparatively reading the two reports and to our surprise we found out that the second report was a heavily edited version of our first report. The same version of the second report had missing parts of our report which covered revelations as to the culpable of Cairo bank in the pension fraud transactions.”

They say that this thus exonerates the bank and for that matter helps counsels for the bank to support their case in the civil court against government.

When contacted, George Komurubuga acknowledged that him and his colleague Moses Kato issued this dossier as a complaint to CIID head Akullo and copied the IGP.

However, he declined to discuss with us the details before he hanged up on phone.

Efforts to reach the CIID director Akullo were unsuccessful as her known phone number couldn’t be reached.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga when contacted said that it’s true the two officers had complained adding that: “Already there is an investigation on how the two reports were generated and which one was sanctioned by Akullo however we can’t tell which was right.”

When asked if the CIID boss is also a subject of investigation, Enanga first hesitated to answer but when pressed, said yes.

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