PHOTOS: State Of Police Station In Mayuge District Shocks Nation

The Election Commission   may have slapped a ban on presidential candidates’ visits to hospitals, places of worship, schools and markets but forgot to ban them, from visiting police posts that are in atrocious state.


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Kizza Besigye who is on a campaign trail in Busoga region yesterday paid a courtesy visit Bakatube Police station in Mayuge district. The state of the station has shocked the nation.

The Police dwells in a grass thatched muddy hut.

Reports indicate that when Besigye entourage arrived at the police post located in Bakatube, The Officer in Charge (O/C) fled and left the suspect in office.


Social media reactions

“When police in Mayuge today deployed at health centres and schools to block Dr. Besigye from visiting them, the People’s president Kizza Besigye visited Bukatube Police Station in Mayuge to assess the conditions within which police officers at the station operate in,” Byamugisha Moses.


“How can you expect a policeman, who is working under this environment to ‘keep law and order or to protect and save’ as we expected?” Agaba Wilson.

Daltons Freedom: “Is this the house of a witchdoctor? mbu it is a police station. Really Ugandans we need prayers, so let’s vote for change. Besigye”


Jeff Ouma:  “Police always protects schools, hospitals from Dr. Besigye but when their time came, they had no one to protect them hahahaha kyoka police nkwonka police.”

Humphrey Wanyama: “Is that police station in Uganda?, and what is the so called president doing? No wonder he said everything he does 4 his children and grandchildren.”


Sara Eperu:  “Sometimes the environment we live in shapes and determines our behaviours and actions. So deliberately M7 makes his police men work in such places and if you happen to peep into their sleeping places you would collapse. So the brutality the police exhibits is manufactured in their homes and ramshackled office. This coupled with lack of training and poor salaries are the cause of police brutality.”

AB Murage: “If Museveni comes to Kenya to address us again on development, security, economic and other issues on our National days, I will hit his forehead with a rotten stinking egg. I better rot in jail than listen to stupid hypocrisy. African autocratic rulers and economic criminals must be sent home and Uganda must lead the way. I can’t believe that after 30 years of Museveni’s rule, this is his legacy. Yet he wants to be reelected!”

Lukwago Shafik:  “Banage is it true that in UGANDA we still have such police station? I wonder!”


Eddie Ed: “funny enough Museveni is not even scared and ashamed of going there and say “we have improved on the security sector” hahaha when a police station is like that. Anyway am not surprised coz even the CPs it’s self-inside their offices very poorly standing. We need change”

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