PICTORIAL: Target Missed As Police Recruitment Ends in Kabale

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Police trainer takes a recruit through rigorous tests in Kabale

Kabale – As recruitments by Uganda Police come to a close, a staggering number of locals have expressed interest. RedPepper Digital’s Moses Agaba assesses the recruitment exercise in Kigezi sub-region and in Kabale to be exact.

Kabale District police has failed to hit its target of recruiting 1,276 people to be trained as Special Police constables ahead of the 2021 general elections

Last month, as part of the activities to prepare for the successful and peaceful 2021 general elections, Uganda police announced the recruitment of 50,000 Special Police Constables -SPCs to guard the polling centers in the entire country.


The Kigezi regional police spokes person Elly Maate told our reporter that Kabale district was targeting to recruit 1276 able bodied people to be trained as special police constables but only 500 people both men and women who applied turned up for recruitment at Kabale Primary School playground in Kabale municipality on Monday

Maate said that all the 500 people who turned up were taken through physical exercise, medical checkup and oral interviews as part of the required qualifications. He added that all 500 people who turned up were recruited based on age ranging from 18 to 40 years and academic qualifications of between primary seven to degree.

Maate said that none of the 500 people who turned up was bounced back because they all met the requirements.

Maate says that the recruitment process will continue for all interested people at Kabale police station until November, 23rd 2020 when all the recruited people will be recalled to undergo a two weeks’ training.

Maate said that all recruited people upon completion of a two weeks’ training will be contracted to work with the Uganda police for a period of three months and each SPC is entitled to a monthly payment of UGX375,000

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