Plot to Arrest Gen Sejusa over Mumbere Leaks

Gen. Sejjusa

Plot to Arrest Gen Sejusa over Mumbere Leaks

By Moses T. Mugalula

Gen. David Munungu Sejusa, former coordinator intelligence organizations faces arrest after security landed on details for his connections with embattled Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere.

There are fears that Gen. Sejusa will flee the country fearing to be arrested but his aide has told us, the four star General will not go anywhere.

“If they want to arrest him, let them go ahead. He is ready and can’t be intimidated by cowards,” Sejjusa’s aide told this reporter.

He said, yes the General is also hearing rumours of being arrested by the army but has not received any official communication.

A few days after the Kasese massacre, Sejusa released a dossier in which he said, “Does a government have a right to murder citizens that is carry out extra judicial killings on the people? Let alone with the arrogance and impunity as exhibited in Kasese and indeed other parts of Uganda as we are seeing regularly now?”

Intelligence has now got information linking Gen. Sejusa to Omusinga Mumbere and that the two had plans to topple President Museveni’s government.

In the middle of this week, army dug pits in the Omumbere palace looking for fire arms allegedly gotten from Gen. Sejusa and hidden there.

However Sejusa’s aide has called this government’s propaganda which will never solve the Kasese/Rwenzori region question.

“It is true Gen. Sejusa and Mumbere are good friends but government is peddling lies that the two are linked to firearms. Which firearms and where are they?” Sejusa’s aide who prefers anonymity wondered.

It is said, since Mumbere’s palace was bombed, King arrested and over 60 royal guards killed by the operation commanded by Brig. Elweru, there has been too much pressure put on Museveni’s government by international bodies and donors.

Mumbere was charged over murdering a police officer.

Fresh intelligence briefing now links Sejusa and Mumbere on how they wanted to use firearms to topple government.

Sejusa was early this year arrested and charged in military court martial over participating in partisan politics yet he was still a serving army officer.

High court judge Margret Oguli granted him bail and later ruled that he should be set free because he is no longer a serving army official.

In February 2016 presidential elections, Sejusa openly supported FDC’s Dr. Besigye although he kept telling supporters that Museveni can’t be removed by a mere ballot in an election he long rigged.

In 2014, Sejusa went to exile in England but returned in December unconditionally.

He later met President Museveni and asked to let him out of UPDF.


The Confusion of the Ugandan Elite is just amazing. From political leaders, religious or other category of leaders, no one is addressing the fundamental question.

We are hearing leaders talking about the so called causes of instability, calling for inquiries on causes etc.

First and foremost, the population must demand that there be an end to these extra judicial killings by the regime.

No cause or reason permits a government to use illegal force and callously kill innocent people, women, children and prisoners.

The other issues can be negotiated but not blatant murders of our people by those supposed to protect them.

The other point is lack of understanding by the political class of the magnitude of this problem.

I read some people thinking Museveni has gone to South Africa to relax on the beaches after killing our people.

To the contrary, Museveni is in South Africa to advance his agenda of outflanking any opposition which might crop up after these massacres.

This he wants to do by bringing on board South Africa and other SADC countries who helped defeat M23 from DRC to intervene from DRC.

That’s why he perhaps went with Gen Katumba Wamala.

The political and other serious leaders must stop wasting time in irrelevancies and go out there to help stop this murderous impunity.

A president must not be helped by regional countries to murder its citizens. Instead, hard questions must be asked by these leaders as to the conduct of government in killing and dehumanising of our people.

This cannot be done when opposition leaders don’t explain these issues to the regional leaders and instead allow Mr Museveni to go on misinforming the world and forging regional alliances to murder and enslave our people.

Museveni fully understands the criminality of what he is doing and the likely impact.

He wanted to use the Omusinga Mumbere as an example to cow other elements in the country who are becoming restive and asking questions especially as the situation in the country becomes more of a failed state.

Therefore Ugandans, especially those entrusted with the responsibilities to lead, need to wake up, leave small issues to the party bureaucrats and confront this crazy regime which strips mothers and kills children. Absolutely disgusting.

Therefore we need to shift the conversation and do the necessary work

Irrespective of party affiliations and tribal groupings to mourn the innocent people of Kasese and Fort portal who were massacred under Mr Museveni’s personal watch.

They appeal to all the people to cease celebrations of any kind, except those unavoidable which had already been prearranged.

The letter requests that other cultural leaders in other kingdoms through their local networks call on their subjects to mourn the dead in the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu.

It reminds these traditional/cultural leaders not to keep mum as many did when Dr Obote attacked King Muteesa of Buganda in 1966.

Unknown to these other kingdoms, what had befallen King Muteesa came to their own kingdoms in 1967, when all kingdoms were abolished.

While the struggle for liberation is taking many shapes, every Ugandan should do the little he/she can to show solidarity with millions being tormented, the document concludes

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