Untold Story Why Maj. Kiggundu Was Murdered

Untold Story Why Maj. Kiggundu Was Murdered

After Maj. Mohammad Kiggundu surrendered to government from Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) on being convinced by tycoon Habib Kagimu and Gen. Katumba Wamala; he held two meetings with President Yoweri Museveni at State House, Entebbe.

In those meetings, Kiggundu assured Museveni that he had capacity to meet ADF leader Jamil Mukulu and convince him to surrender as well from his rebellion and terrorism activities.

Museveni was impressed by that suggestion and asked Kiggundu how he would achieve that.

Kiggundu explained how he knew Mukulu’s contacts in London, Britain and in Khartoum, Sudan.

To accomplish that mission, Museveni gave Kiggundu a lot of funds to facilitate his mission.

As a counter measure, Museveni informed some heads in military intelligence and Special Forces to monitor Kiggundu to establish his honesty on the mission.

A few days after, Kiggundu went through Nairobi to Khartoum for that mission.

Surprisingly, Kiggundu managed to meet Mukulu face to face in Khartoum.

In their meeting, Mukulu first faulted Kiggundu for defecting at the time they had planned to attack Uganda.

A touched Mukulu wondered how Kiggundu could surrender to Museveni whom he described as ‘unholy’ since he is not a Muslim.

Kiggundu cooled Kiggundu down and told him what his mission was-convincing him to surrender.

Kiggundu revealed to him how Museveni was read to give him amnesty in case he accepted to surrender.

Kiggundu also promised Mukulu that Museveni would give him a lot of money, house and car in case he surrendered.

To Kiggundu’s dismay, Mukulu vowed never to surrender to Museveni. After that encounter, Kiggundu returned to Kampala and delivered to Museveni all what Mukulu had said.

Kiggundu was allowed to continue engaging Mukulu on phone, which he did on several occasions but with no success.

Plan B

After those negotiations flopped, Kiggundu suggested to Museveni the possible alternative of arresting Mukulu.

He told Museveni how Mukulu loves money and that he knew some of his investments in Tanzania and London.

Kiggundu thus helped security to track down Mukulu.

It established that whenever Kiggundu travelled from Sudan he would go to Tanzania through Burundi.

Special Forces Commandos were thus deployed in Burundi at the route which Kiggundu knew that Mukulu used.

On the other hand, Kiggundu’s son was given money by security to send to his father as government commitment to have peace with him. On Mukulu’s way to Tanzania, he was arrested inside Burundi but was dragged to Tanzania where his extradition process wouldn’t be complicated.

Obviously, ADF remnants were infuriated when they came to know that Kiggundu played a role in Mukulu’s arrest, they thus masterminded his murder which came weeks back at Masanafu, Rubaga division.

Assailants followed him on motorcycle and shot at his vehicle before they shot him and his escort, Steven Mukasa dead.

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