Police Admit To Murder Of Suspect In Nantaba Attack!

Police has this evening admitted to murdering Ronald Sebulime the innocent man who was on Sunday shot dead after he was suspected of trailing Minister Idah Nantaba in Kayunga.

Sebulime was the suspect who was apprehended after he was believed to have been trailing ICT Minister Idah Nantaba in Kayunga. Initially the police claimed he was armed and had shot at Nantaba’s car but an investigation had proved he was killed in cold blood.

According to a statement issued this evening by the Spokesperson Fred Enanga, a joint team from Kampala Metropolitan East and the Homicide squad from CID headquarters at Kibuli has established that Sebulime was apprehended and handcuffed but was later shot and killed by one of the arresting policemen at point blank.

The statement reads:

Police Spokesman Enanda apologized for the crime committed by policemen on duty

“The 999 crew from Mukono that responded to the earlier emergency call from Nagalama police station, intercepted the alleged suspects after they hit a road hump and fell off. The crew concentrated on the rider Ssebulime, who was carrying a bag, chased and after a few warning shots in the air, the suspect stopped and surrendered to the police, who arrested and led him to the police vehicle. The stranger, whom he was carrying, to guide him to St. Andrew Kaggwa for visitation, also disappeared and was not traced. It is true that the deceased was removed from the police pickup and instantly shot dead by our officer.”

Enanga said police has arrested three of its officers who had initially declined to reveal the crime when questioned by investigators.

The murder of Sebulime has shocked the country and became apparent after eye witness accounts contradicted initial police claims that Sebulime had been killed in a crossfire as he attempted to escape.

Several eyewitnesses at Nagojje trading centre in Mukono District have gone on record clearly narrating how they saw the deceased on handcuff and a police officer receiving a call before turning and pointing his gun and shooting the suspect several times.

Enanga identified the arrested officers as; No. 51543 Cpl Ssali Edward, who was the 999 patrol car commander, No. 50162 PC Opira Ronald and No. 5729 PC Baganza Ronald.

Enanga says another policeman No. 62163 PC Cherotich Robert is currently on the run.

It is not clear who of these is suspected of having carried out the execution. The police have also not revealed who made the call to have Sebulime executed or if the policemen acted on their own.

Enanga revealed that the investigation team discovered the bag which was captured as an exhibit, comprised of eats and drinks belonging to the deceased.

Sebulime was reported to be heading to visit his children who are studying at St. Andrew Kaggwa.

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