Police Considers Profiling Criminals And Ex-Convicts

Judith Nabakooba, the deputy Police Commissar

Judith Nabakooba, the deputy Police Commissar
Judith Nabakooba, the deputy Police Commissar

Uganda Police through its community policing program is considering profiling all criminals and ex-convicts to help in monitoring and crime prevention. 

Judith Nabakooba, the deputy Police Commissar says under this arrangement, they will capture the details of the criminals, their place of residence and what they do.

She says police records shows that most people who come out of prison have gone back to commit crime.

She says once collected the records will help convince the magistrates to give repeated offenders deterrent sentences. According to Nabakooba this will create fear amongst criminals especially those that are well known.

She says Local councilors, police and members of the community will be encouraged to get involved in the program to profile criminals. Nabakooba says the profiles will also act as the police crime watch list in the country.

Nabakooba said at the end of the training for district police commanders, Criminal investigation officers and community liaison officers on community policing at Bomah hotel organized by UNDP in Gulu.

Nicholas Opiyo, city lawyer and human rights activist says many countries around the world keep records of ex-convicts in order to help the criminal justice system. Opio says the only point at which a repeated offender can be held and punished is in a court trial, which requires keeping records.

He however, says that the act of profiling people and following ex-convicts to see what they are doing contravenes fundamental rights to freedom. Opiyo says profiling is an intrusion in people’s privacy.

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