Police Probes Suspected Adulterated Food, Poor Storage Blamed

The Territorial Police in Mt. Moroto, has been actively investigating the
death of three people in Amudat and Napak districts, respectively,
from eating adulterated or poisonous food supplied by the World Food
Programme (WFP) to pregnant women and malnourished children.

CP Enanga Fred,Police Spokesperson confirmed the development.
The three deceased persons include; Chemikan Seliang, a 67 year old
female adult of Amunan village, Amudat district and Logit Marino, a
58year old, male adult of Kapilacan village, Kokipurat parish,
Lowugechora sub county in Napak district , and Sagal Mate , a 68 year
old male adult who died from Matany Hospital, in Napak District .

A total of 18 victims from Amudat District , suffered health
complications of bleeding from the nose , diarrhea , and were admitted
at Alakas Health Centre III in Amudat District , some were discharged.
An additional 140 victims were admitted at Matany Hospital in Napak
district, with similar health complications.

The police has obtained samples of urine and blood, vomits, and left
over’s from the victims homes and sent to the Government Analytical
Laboratory [GAL] for further forensic analysis .

Further samples of the relief items were picked from the Health
Centers and the WFP stores for further chemical analysis.

We want to inform the public that our investigations are completely
dependent on the forensic outcome from the GAL, that would help
determine whether there was a poisonous bacterium in the food that is
dangerous for human consumption and health. 

The police is reminding
all victims and families still with the stock in their homes to return
it immediately to the Health Centers for storage, awaiting outcome of
the laboratory examination.

Meanwhile, statements have been obtained from the surviving victims,
witnesses, officials at the health centres and World Food Program  in
the area.

Inquiries will be expanded into the inspection and oversight
procedures if any poisonous substances are established in the food.

Preliminary results show there was poor storage of food which could have led to its contamination.

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