Police Visit Suspected Magara Murder Scene

A team of operatives from the Flying Squad Unit and the Counter terrorism Directorate has reconstructed the scene of kidnap and murder of Susan Magara.

URN trailed the officers at the different venues where they walked through with the aid of two suspects.

The team led by Herbert Muhangi, the Commandant Flying Squad drove in a convoy of eight police vehicles with two of the suspects arrested in connection to the kidnap and killing of 28- year – old, Susan Magara in February 2018 from the special Investigations Division headquarters in Kireka.

The team first made a stopover at Kabaka Anjagala road in Lubaga Division. Magara is said to have been forcefully removed from her Rav 4 motor vehicle on Kabaka Anjagala road just a few meters from the main gate of Lubiri Palace.

From Kabaka Anjagala road, the operatives drove to Lungujja near the apartment Magara’s former apartment. The suspects are alleged to have spied on Magara for weeks from her home and work place to try and understand her movements.

From Lungujja, the operatives moved with the suspects to the place where one of the suspects confessed was used to hold Susan for the three weeks as they waited for her family to pay the USD 200,000 ransom. Magara was allegedly held in a two roomed rental in Konge, Nakawuka in Wakiso District. The operatives together with the suspects visited the rental, which they found empty.

From Konge, the suspects led the operatives to Jin Wan Sheng supermarket in Busega where they reportedly bought edibles and other things when they were holding Magara at ransom. The officers sealed off the Supermarket for thirty minutes as the suspects elaborated how they entered and the things they picked from there.

From the supermarket, the suspects led the team to Twin pub and Guest House in Bulenga on Mityana Road where they partied and slept after receiving the ransom and killing Magara.  The officers stopped our reporter from following them as they continued with their operation.

One of the officers told URN on condition of anonymity because he isn’t authorized to speak to the media, that the suspects who have since confessed to the crime, were helping reconstruct the scene to ensure the flow of their confession. “Our people have already been to these places and recorded statements from different people. We however had to come with the suspects to reconstruct the scene,” the source said. Police together with the chieftaincy of Military Intelligence have been investigating the kidnap and Killing of Susan.

Since the investigations began, more than 8 suspects have been arrested among them Ronald Asiimwe alias Kanyankole, Bob Kibilango, a known associate of Kibilango and Patrick Agaba alias Pato.  Pato was arrested in South Africa and is still awaiting a ruling by a South African court for his deportation to Uganda.

All the other suspects who include Magara’s relatives were connected to the alleged crime by print outs from the phones of Kanyankole and Kibiliango. Preliminary investigations into the killing of Magara indicate that she was first gang raped before she was killed.

During her postmortem, semen samples were collected from her private parts and stored with the government Analytical laboratory.  Police and CMI are now using the samples to compare with the suspects currently in custody.

Magara was kidnapped on February 7th 2018 from Kabaka Anjagala road as she was driving to her home in Lungujja. She was killed after three weeks and her body dumped on the Southern bypass in Kigo. At the time of her killing, the Magara Family had paid the ransom money demanded by the kidnappers.



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  1. Lets Pray that the Uganda Police really gets down with these heartless people. You kill someone and even party because you have received money!!! We need to pray for our beloved country. Lots of terrorizing events unfolding in our country.

  2. I Hope these are the real Magara’s killers and may they tell the world the whole story so that people’s anger is appeased. This murder is similar to Kakama’s and is the most foul.


  4. Lets all give the security time to do there work till the last evidence.

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