Police Vows To Arrest 4GC Activists

4GC Activists at the Launh of the Organization Last Year

4GC Activists at the Launh of the Organization Last Year
4GC Activists at the Launch of the Organization Last Year

The Uganda Police has warned “For God and my Country” Activists (4GC) that it will not tolerate any assembly organized by the group since it is an outlawed organization.

Police says it has been informed that 4GC members are said to be organizing a cleaning exercise in the city on Saturday.

However, According to a statement issued by Police Deputy Spokesperson Vincent Ssekate, the said cleaning exercise is an excuse by the activists to gather and cause chaos which he said security will not tolerate instead vowing to arrest those who participate.

4GC replaced Activists For Change, an advocacy group created by mainly opposition figures in the aftermath of the last Presidential elections.

Their actions saw a spate of violent engagements between the activists and Police as the latter tried to block the former from organizing riots in the city which the activists claim were to protest the harsh economic times.

The government has treated this group with suspicion claiming their aim is to overthrow the establishment. Last year, the government outlawed the group.

With this warning, Police has made its position clear about those who intend to participate should expect.

Below is the full statement from The Police

Press Release

We have received intelligence and media reports that several politicians constituted in the unlawful society, 4GC are planning to carryout riotous demonstrations in the city with the purpose of disrupting peace under the disguise that they are cleaning the city on Saturday 26 January 2013.

Whereas the Police respect and uphold the constitutional rights of individuals and groups to assemble and express their opinions, the police on the other hand are constitutionally mandate to protect people’s lives and property at all times.

We would like to categorically state that; 4GC was outlawed. Therefore activities done under that Umbrella are regarded as unlawful.

The Police wishes to caution any person organizing, intending to hold or participate in these unlawful planned program by 4GC, that such action constitute a crime and whoever does so shall be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

The Police further, advises members of the public to ignore misleading statements and negative information bent at causing disruption of Public peace.

The Police shall continue to cooperate with the public and other security agencies to maintain law and order, prevent crime, and ensure the safety and security of the country.


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  1. This is a warning of intimidation by Police as Usual and shows weakness in the Government because of suppressing people from expressing their grievances. by means of demonstration peacefully. The Police here should make sure that are not violent but not to use tear gas and rubber bullets.

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