Pope Proposal ‘To Accept Gays In Church’ Rejected

Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Pope Francis has suffered a setback as proposals for wider acceptance of gay people failed to win a two-thirds majority at a Catholic Church synod.

A draft issued half-way through the meeting of senior clerics had called for greater openness towards homosexuals, and divorced and remarried Catholics.

But those paragraphs were not approved, and were stripped from the final text.

All other parts of the draft report were accepted by the Synod.

The Pope said the full draft document, including the rejected paragraphs, should nonetheless be published.

Correspondents say the text welcoming gay people and remarried Catholics had been watered down in the final version that was voted on – but it appears that they still met with resistance from conservatives.

Speaking after the vote, Pope Francis told attendees he would have been “worried and saddened” if there had not been “animated discussions” or if “everyone had been in agreement or silent in a false and acquiescent peace”, AP news agency reported.

Divisive issue

The New Ways Ministry, a Catholic gay-rights group, said it was “very disappointing that the synod’s final report did not retain the gracious welcome to lesbian and gay people that the draft of the report included”.

The report was issued at the conclusion of a two-week meeting at the Vatican, attended by about 200 bishops.

The earlier draft had said that homosexuals had “gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community”.

Progressive bishops and gay rights groups had welcomed the draft, but conservative groups called it a “betrayal”.

The published report will serve as a reference point for Catholics, with the issues to be discussed again at another synod next year.


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  1. Those bishops have made us pride, who told you that the catholic church has no democrancy. Anyway it saddens me to see that there was an attempt to discuss this

  2. End of the world,

    Pope Francis Proposal ‘To Accept Gays In Church’ Rejected go to hell in the name of Jesus Christ our lord Amen!

  3. Of course they are welcome if they repent. However, if they dont consider acts of sodomy to be a sin, its pointless for them to be welcomed.

  4. This pope needs to be investigated, his behaviour towards homos has always been very liberal and wants to push their evil deeds through the church. Once accepted, it is obvious they must allow them to wed in church, abomination

  5. The hatred I see here is disgusting. You people truly are monsters. I hope one day you are judged by the examples you have set. If your son or daughter was hay would you stop caring for them? If your answer is yes then you deserve to have no one’s love.

  6. i see no even a single verse in the bible that supports this, may the lord look down with pity, we should drink on the cup of his wrath

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