President Museveni Visits Late Paulo Muwanga’s Home

Kampala – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on Saturday July 18, paid a courtesy call on the Late Paulo Muwanga family in Kololo, Kampala.

On arrival, the President was received by Dr Nansozi Muwanga, a daughter, who led him into a private meeting with the family matriarch, Maama Catherine Zawedde Muwanga.

After the meeting, Dr Nansozi thanked the President for making time to visit their family, saying it was not the first time the head of state had checked on them.

“It shows the love President Museveni has for our family in particular and Uganda in general,” said Dr Nansozi, a senior lecturer in the political science department of Makerere University. She also chairs the Nyerere Leadership Centre, an initiative of President Museveni.

Paulo Muwanga served in several senior government positions but notably chaired the Military Commission that organised the contested 1980 presidential elections won by UPC’s Milton Obote.

He later served as Vice President, Minister of Defence and Prime Minister. He died on April 1, 1991, aged 70.

The family was properly and carefully prepared before by MoH scientists as far as Covid 19 SOPs are concerned before the President could visit them.

After Maama Mwanga’s invitation the family was well Prepared. The meeting could not end , they bid themselves farewell endlessly.

The visit has cast more light on Museveni’s reconciliatory guesture towards former leaders, most of whom were his opponents.

He has ensured all children of former ugandan presidents are in comfortable positions.

For instance some of the children of former President Idi Amin are prominently deployed in the internal security organisation.

The son of Gen Tito Okello Lutwa, Henry Okello Oryem,serves in Museveni’s cabinet as deputy Foreign Minister. His wife is a Director at Bank of Uganda.

The wife of President Milton Obote’s son Jimmy Akena, Ms Betty Among is a cabinet minister in charge of Kampala.

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