HYENA CLASSIC TALE #15: She Wiggled, Wobbled with ‘Crucial’ Force

The Might Mr Hyena

I have come to believe that beautiful girls are not super at all. I noticed this when a beautiful girl babe came to stay near me when I was staying somewhere in Namasuba.

This was the most lusted over babe in the whole village. She had the kind of body to die for. She would wiggle her bum with crucial force. Practically, all the energetic men in the neighborhood had approached her, and she had booted all of them. I decided to utilize our proximity to win her over. At first I acted as that proud guy next door, I only used to say hi to her but I would always avoid prolonging our conversation.

Steadily, our conversation started flowing till it got more personal. She would always ask me why I took long to get married, and I assured her how I had never found the woman of my dreams. One morning, she came to my house dressed in only a towel and asked me if she could use my socket to iron her clothes.

The only socket in my house was in the bedroom, so I told her to go there and iron from my bed. When she entered the room, I got out because I was already bulging in my pants and I was scared I could force her into sex. I sat in the sitting room as she was busy in the bedroom and we continued with our conversation. 

She then called me that she had finished ironing but did not know where to put the flat iron. When I got into the room, she had thrown off the towel and was applying my lotion on her body.

She was so thick and full, her wobbling bums almost burst my whopper as she bent down to smear her legs. Her long twin towers could be seen from her back view as she stood concentrated on her feet. I stood at my bedroom door open mouthed; the only word I managed to say after about three minutes was “sexy,” as all the neighbors called her that.

“What?” she asked without any fear in her voice. She sat cross legged on my bed and started smearing her boobs. I could not stand the torture after all we both had the same interests. I wanted to be inside her, and no doubt that was exactly what she wanted from me. Without saying a word, I moved to her, knelt between her legs and started rubbing my tongue roughly over her thighs. She seemed to enjoy everything; I moved up to her boobs and swallowed her fat nipple.

She could not stand the excitement for she immediately inserted her three middle fingers inside her dripping pot. I removed her fingers and substituted them with my tongue. Her milky juices covered my entire lips. I did not have a condom, so I suggested to her that we should leave it at that. She could not let me go, but insisted that I should make her cum using my fingers. Her wish was my command, and in just about three minutes I could feel her inner muscles throbbing and I knew she was done. She immediately wrapped my towel around her waist, leaving hers on my bed. I was scared; we were getting too close very fast. 

I only wanted to satisfy my libido but she wanted to go further than that. I hate it when women start leaving their clothes at my place. It creates this kind of insecurity around me that I have to restrict my girlfriends where to clean and where not to clean. This reminds me of a babe my chotera girl had always complained about. She suspected me of sleeping with her and I had managed to convince her that I do not even know her name. I was at a loss of words when Yasmin found this babe wearing my t-shirt in the market. They had a serious fight and they were later taken to police. 

When I was called, I denied knowing this other babe but she insisted that she had taken the t-shirt the day she spent a night at my place. It was very true, but to be on a safer side, I accused her of theft. Yasmin believed me, and from that day I have always avoided that kind of scenario again. And here was this babe, fighting hard to inform our other neighbors that she was naked in my room. It really pissed me off; I just wished I had done something to her to deserve all the embarrassment she was subjecting me to.

For about one week, I did not talk to her. I would feel my skin getting off my body whenever I would see her majestically walking to her bathroom with my towel wrapped around her body. To keep her away from my house again, I invited her for a drink at my place that evening. At exactly 6:00pm she was at my place with a packet of lifeguard. Within an hour, I had put the whole packet to use. I immediately assured her about how she was so tasteless. She stormed out of the house without even saying a word.

The next morning, I found my towel on the hang line where we used to hang our clothes. I removed it and replaced it with hers. From that day, I became a public enemy to all the girls in Namasuba, because she had spread rumors about my impotence.

I could not stand the embarrassment so I had to relocate to Ndeeba where I was the ‘in’ guy. ‘Sexy’ I know you are reading this, can we meet tomorrow and I prove to you that I am a real man. I suggest we meet on this very page since it is convenient for both of us.

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