Prosecution: Pistorius Told ‘Snowball Of Lies’

The main prosecutor in the trial of Oscar Pistorius has argued that the South African athlete cannot avoid a conviction for murdering his girlfriend.


Gerrie Nel accused the athlete of being a “deceitful witness” who told the court a “snowball of lies”.

Mr Pistorius denies murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

He says he mistook her for an intruder but the prosecution says he deliberately shot her after a row.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel made his concluding remarks on Thursday, with the defence due to follow on Friday.

Known as the “Pitbull” prosecutor, Mr Nel said that even if Mr Pistorius’ account of events were true, “he cannot escape” a conviction for murdering with intent.

Ms Steenkamp was killed at Mr Pistorius’ home in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, on 14 February last year.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel went on the offensive once again as he made his closing arguments
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel went on the offensive once again as he made his closing arguments

Mr Pistorius’ estranged father, Henke, was in the packed courtroom for the first time during the trial. It was also the first time that Barry Steenkamp, Reeva’s father, had attended.

‘Devoid of truth’

At the court in Pretoria, Mr Nel accused the athlete’s lawyers of presenting two lines of defence that “can never be reconciled”.

Mr Pistorius said he had fired both involuntarily and also out of fear, Mr Nel argued, insisting the court had to choose only one of his defences.

He said the court “should have no difficulty in rejecting” the athlete’s version of events because it was “devoid of any truth”.

Mr Pistorius told so many lies in such a short space of time, Mr Nel said, that they had had a “snowball effect” and forced him to tell more.

He also attacked Mr Pistorius for presenting himself as “a victim of circumstance”.

But Mr Nel said the athlete had anxiety “on call”, suggesting that he had manufactured a fear of crime to help his defence.

Source: BBC

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