Public, Private transport to resume at half capacity as Govt sets Partial lockdown lift for June 2

President Museveni demonstrates an activity last year (FILE PHOTO)

President Yoweri Museveni delivers an address recently. (FILE PHOTO)

Kampala – Government has. on Monday, May 18, unveiled plans of a partial lift of the lockdown with Private and public transport resuming June 2 after distribution of approved masks

In his fourteenth address on Uganda’s COVID-19, President Museveni has announced the lifting of the ban on public and private transport upon receipt of Ministry of Health Approved face masks.

“We shall allow regulated opening of public transport means like minibuses, taxis provided they carry only half of their normal capacity, However, the public transport will resume after you get the masks and the masks will take two weeks to be ready,” President Museveni said.

“We believe that with the masks you do not infect others and you also do not get infected,” President Museveni emphasises measures.

Matatu/commuter taxis are set to resume on June, only allowed to carry half the capacity.

On boda boda and tuk-tuk, President Museveni sustained that: “Since it is impossible to space out the passenger, the boda-bodas and ‘tuk-tuks’ will not be allowed to carry passengers but allowed to deliver cargo as they have been doing during the lockdown.”

Museveni further disclosed that Hotels and Restaurants will open provided their customers and clients maintain social distancing with no air conditioning – known for increasing the spread of COVID-19.

New changes that come with June 2 partial lockdown lift see arcades remain closed and barred mixing of food and nonfood items in market locations.

With the lifting of the ban on public and private transport come June 2, the institutions have been cleared to open with only finalists.

“For the scholars, only finalists (P7, S4, S6, Undergraduate, postgraduate) will be allowed to resume and sit for their exams. The rest of the classes have to wait. It’s better to be safe at home,” President Museveni affirmed

“With education, the only safe action we can do for now is to open for the candidate classes and that will be on June 2when the masks are ready. There will be no first term exams, the schools should use all the time to prepare for the end of year exams,” Museveni clarified

On Ugandans stranded in the diaspora, President Museveni said: “Ugandans caught by the pandemic abroad. If all our people came back in panic, how will we manage them? You have seen how much trouble lorry drivers are giving us. I cannot accept cargo planes being used to transport passengers.”

Bars, lounges and hang out spots will remain closed until further notice

Salons, saunas, swimming pools, Bars and merrymaking joints shall remain closed after exhibiting failures to implement social distancing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19

President Museveni also emphasised that the daily curfew 7pm to 6:30am shall remain in effect to limit uncontrolled movement to curb the spread of COVID-19

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  1. it’s some how unsafe for candidates but during assembly and mass if one teacher or student comes with de disease that implies that the all school is unsafe and for de day scholars and teachers staying out of de school it’s worse

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