QUEEN OF SHEBA! Mr. Hyena baits naive babe with music videos, gets miracle tot

Mama Solomon vowed to castrate me for chawing her niece. Thieves surely don’t want to be stolen, because Mama Solomon is a married woman who shouldn’t be jealous of other belles I chaw. You see, I have been secretly servicing Martin’s wife (Mama Solomon) for the past two years, who now wants to kill me for chawing her niece too.

I have been friends with Martin, who works at Nasser road for some time now. Martin runs a stationery shop where he makes a lot of dime but while he toiled, I serviced his wife, until she brought her niece.

Anyways, Mama Solomon one time brought her niece called Kate, who had just completed a secretarial course, to her home to stay with them, but they first passed by  the shop after leaving the taxi park. When Mama Solomon and Kate got to the stationery shop, they knelt down humbly and greeted us, for I was there with Martin. After the formalities, I jokingly told Mama Solomon that am going to marry Kate. In response, she bubbled of how Kate wasn’t like my usual Bimbos who I played with. “I will kill anybody I find playing with her,” Mama Solomon warned. Despite all that, I made eye contact with Kate several times. She looked delicious all the way, with beautiful legs, toes and those eyes.

About four days later, I went back to the shop so that Martin could make for me some documents. He had transformed the back room into an internet café. When Martin went back to his business of printing documents, I decided to watch music videos on the computer, only for Kate to come in. To my surprise, the chic could sing to all Nick Minaj, Justine Beiber and Adele’s songs word by word. So I asked where she came from, “Kyotera,” Kate proudly replied. I was surprised how informed she was. She kept asking why I was looking at her. I replied that “Trying to understand you.”

After spending about three hours at Martin’s shop, I left but my thoughts remained. “She has a sweet scent……..ohm, those beautiful finger nails,” such thoughts kept running through my head. However, there was one hurdle; Mama Solomon would get mad if she sensed that I wanted her niece. I made it my business to visit Martin’s shop. I would first go to a supermarket and buy snacks which I would share amongst those present, including Kate. Each time lunch time found me there, I would beg Kate to go and buy me chips and ebigendelakko. “Keep the change,” I would always say. Honestly, I was not sure if Kate’s closeness to me was out of feelings she had for me or just a case of an innocent chic blending in with an elder. But I kept on joking about her being my wife.

One time, as I watched Sheba’s videos in the back room, Kate and another chic who usually hangs around the shop joined me. Kate bent over my shoulder and started rubbing against me as we watched the videos. People, my heart almost exploded. “Repeat that song,” Kate said when Sheba’s Ndiwanjawulo song ended. “Kale I love that song…….i can’t get enough of it even if I listen to it all day,” she said. Every muscle in my body expanded. About that time, the other chick left and Martin was busy with clients. I increased the volume so Martin closed the door between the shop and the back room. “Now we can enjoy ourselves without interruption,” I said when the door was closed. I wondered what to do,  with one part saying I should make a move on Kate and the other worried that she would report me to Mama Solomon.

However, the go for her part won. My heart was beating rapidly but I had to make a move. “What kind of wife are you who can’t give her husband a peck?” I asked. Kate was like, “Eeeeh is it the wife that gives it or the man?” that was like saying,  “Mr. Hyena, devour me!” I did what she exactly asked for. A gentle man should have stopped at that but am not one. Everything felt sweet. From feeling Kate’s booty, I touched what Ronald Trump loved most, her cat. Kate didn’t protest, giving me courage to propose a quick amendment bill! Kate responded by spreading the pages of her constitution, as if saying, “Please amend it…..it is all yours my dear! I am not sure how we ended up against the wall but that’s where we found ourselves, with me ripping Kate’s constitution. It is very hard to amend the constitution of a short babe when you are tall like me because of many opposition forces. But I twisted the arms and sweet talked her until I signed Kate’s amendment bill into law.

She hungrily surrendered to me the entire August house and I enjoyed myself “My my my!” I silently screamed as I enjoyed my pen emboldening the strokes of my signature into her constitution. Mean while she was saying “Please stop Uncle Hyena……..they are going to find us hurry please before Uncle Martin comes in.” it took me over seven minutes to fire. I put Kate, who was on my laps down, as sweat spilled from us. “Oh uncle Hyena what have you done to me?” Kate asked and I was like “I love you dear.” She smiled, and then ran out of the room. Despite martin being a good buddy, I couldn’t tell him what I had done.

The following month, I was too busy to spare time for Kate. Whenever I went there, I would find them busy. Then about three months later, one day Mama Solomon called me on phone, demanding for an explanation for what I had done with her niece. Mama Solomon spent about 30 minutes spitting fire, after which she threatened to tell my wife that I had scored a penalty in Kate. Every after a few hours Maama Solomon would call and threaten to castrate me. After the last call, I texted Martin and begged him to cool down his wife. I promised to look after Kate. In response, Martin asked me when I had tiptoed into the belle, yet she was always at the shop with him. Nowadays am taking care of the little Hyena she dropped, although lucky enough Yasmine doesn’t know about it.

Till you hear from me again, I remain yours truly, Mr. Hyena.


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