Rapper Peter Rhymer adds visuals to his “Tewali” comedy single

The song is a comedy single that makes fun of how misunderstandings happen in a relationship and seeing the fun side to it. Peter Rhymer is an active Tik Toker, posting daily on the social media platform, you can see how the influences of his comedy Tik Tok’s have been brought into his music video. 

When asked, what made him think about doing such a project, he explained how his always loved comedy and wanted to take it more serious. So when the 1st lockdown happened in March 2020, whilst in Uganda, Kampala, he found himself with not much to do and came across the app and loved it so much and started creating.

Whilst working on new music, the Tewali concept came about, which was just an idea for a song, it’s only later on that Peter Rhymer decide to write an actual song and just carried on living life.

Only when he arrived back in the United Kingdom, London, in late May 2020, he decides to complete the song and decided to just chill yet again because of the pandemic. But now things are slowly getting back to normal, especially in the UK, where performing shows is now acceptable, he decided to finish the single properly and by adding visuals to the song

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