PEPPER LOVE | Men tend to have this wide list of behavioural attributes that they look for in women. However wide the list is, the attributes are pretty reasonable and easily doable. Women out there are thinking what it is about them that keeps driving men away, well you might want to go through this list to make your work easier.

Fussing Over Makeup
It is a huge turn off for men when their women start fussing over their makeup in public and make a big deal about how they are looking, how is their hair, how is the lipstick, or something needs to be touched up. They don’t care what you do alone at home but if you act like that in public, they regard it as a major turn off and it tends to drive them away.

Feisty women are usually adored by all men in general and occasional use of curse words is considered fine. However, if a woman has a potty mouth and is very loud for no reason, it is considered very unattractive by men. Men like the kind of girl who does not need to rely on swearwords or loud volume to express their emotions or to prove any point.

Attention Seeking
Attention seeking is a huge contributing attribute in women, that men consider unattractive. Nagging and complaining about everything will not get you the attention you need; it will only drive your man away. If a man wants to be devoted to you he will do it on his own and if you want more you have to earn it by being at your best behaviour.

Women are generally a bit more impatient than men in general, but some women just take it a notch higher. I will make you very unattractive if you always keep nagging about waiting for food, waiting in line, etc. Yes, it’s true that nobody likes to wait but if you take it to an extreme level then your man is definitely bound to find it unattractive and not cute.

Dominating Behaviour
If you feel like anything and everything around you has to be under your control then yes, you are a control freak and you have the dominating mentality that men tend to find unattractive. Men usually want to be the Alpha male everywhere and they do no want anybody deciding anything for them.

Possessiveness is fine up to some extent, but after a while, men find it very irritating and they just do not want to put up with it. It is ok for men to have a life where you are not involved every second. If he is devoted to you, it does not matter what he does when he is not with you, you have to trust him and respect him.

Lying is a very unattractive trait on anybody, be it man or woman. And if a man catches his woman lying it is a huge deal for them. Even if it’s a white lie or something that didn’t need to be lied about in the first place, men tend to get irritated by this attribute and do not accept it.Pessimism
Men are usually attracted towards a positive attitude and they want their women to be the little ball of light full of energy and positiveness. If you are being negative and pessimistic most of the time and keep talking about how everything is going downwards, a man will not look forward to spending time with you.

Acting Childish
Acting childish or like a teenager will not take you anywhere when it comes to attracting a real man. Men want their women to act mature and focused, they do not want to be around someone who acts hyper, wants to party, get drunk and dance all night.

Usually, men appreciate women who can handle her alcohol. However, they do not want to be there where you are tripping on their heels, rolling unconscious on a street, puking your guts out. That is not a pretty sight and definitely not attractive on women.

Great expectations
It’s not just the name of a movie, it’s a relationship killer. Ofcourse you should expect certain things: respect, civility, etc. But don’t think your relationship is a cure-all. And surely don’t expect your lover to lavish you with gifts, even if he got it like that.

Flirting with other people.
It’s not nice. It’s disrespectful. It’s most likely to piss off your date and start a fuss. All for what? Make sure that you and your partner have boundaries and you know what makes him feel uncomfortable.

Needy baby greedy baby.
Don’t become too dependent. Don’t abandon your friends and family and depend on him for all of your emotional needs. It’s dangerous and honestly, it’s unattractive.

Expecting change.
Oh what a big killer! Do not expect your mate to change for you. Like and love ‘em for who they are, not what YOU think you can turn him into.

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