RAW HUMOUR! Mr.Hyena re-connects with old flame, unleashes fire secretly at home

You know very well that I have a beautiful daughter thanks to the boda boda rider’s wife I humped eight years ago when I lived in Kibuye.

If you know that, then you know that she married another man with whom she had two boys adding them to my beautiful daughter plus the boy she had with the boda boda guy.

Her life has been successful financially. The only thing lacking is that she had one girl. Over the years, she had been telling me to donate to her another female sperm but my answer has always been “get me five million and I will get you a girl.”

Last Friday evening, she brought my girl to spend the weekend with me. Yasmin, my better half was home so this beauty from Arua made us supper and left at about 8:00pm. The next day, she decided to come over to make us breakfast. She found us taking tea, then said that my house was too dirty and she immediately started cleaning it.

I didn’t worry, because Yasmin knows her very well, so I expected no fight. After cleaning, she made lunch, it really felt good having my girl and mother around, she was also happy running from mum to dad. After lunch, the girl had a nap as we watched some Nigerian film. I am not a fan of cheap Nigerian drama but I had to watch this to please my daughter’s mum. It was so hot so I decided to have a shower.

Surprisingly, my old love had not spoken about sex. She used to ask for it, but this time she didn’t and I mistook it for respect. I left her watching the movie and told her I was going to shower. Moments later, she came in naked and grabbed my gu-thing.

I freaked out. “What if Yasmin finds us?” I asked. “Eeehh what would she do?” She replied. “Doesn’t she know that I am mama wabana?” she added. Meanwhile, my member was already squeezed between her socks like boobs. “Woman, you are married, let’s behave like adults,” I said. You know what she answered? “Is this what kids play where you come from?” she said as she pushed me to the corner.

“You must do it for me today, I didn’t come to play games with you sir!” she said. “Allah wakibaru!” I exclaimed. “Call Jesus and Allah as well,” she said as she let out a little laughter. Maama Amooti, Yasmin will find us, please let me bathe,” I begged. “Yasmin! Yasmin! What does she have that I don’t have?” She asked.

“Ansinga amabeele nabweru naye buwala ne akabina mbimusinga,” (she has bigger boobs, and she is light skinned but I beat her in size of the butt and sweeter pot), she sounded rather confident.

I am not sure about the sweetness of their pots but for the ‘kabina’, Maama Amooti’s bums are always on the ‘sunda ebina tune’. “Please Taata Amooti give ko me only once, you have neglected me for the past five years, don’t do the same today,” she said. My heart melted as my gu-thing shot up. We switched places, I pinned her against the wall, fingered her as we kissed. She was giving me some kind of wanking. “Maama Amooti, where are the condoms?” I asked.

“Sha nze ndi mukazi wo, tokozesa kondomu,” (I am your wife so you don’t need to use a condom)”, she said. Her legs were already open, ready to take me in. I lifted her in the air, one of her hands went down to direct my tail into her pot officially.

“Ayi mpola dadi oho yes, I still love you Taata Amooti,” she moaned. “You must do it to me today, I didn’t come to play games with you sir,” she said.

I was carrying her against the wall, knowing this style would break my bones. I laid her on the floor, switched off the shower and gave her a hell of a missionary. She has one of those bony pots with long thin twin towers. Her eyes were so droopy by now, her legs were over my shoulders but somehow, she was twisting her butt vigorously. “Wowe nze nfuse ogwokusatu, lekera awo sebbo e……a egenda kusenguka,” (oh dear, I have peed the third time, please stop sir, my pot is going to shift, ” she said.

We rested speechless for some time, I took a nap and I was woken up as she filled the bath tub with water. After supper, Maama Amooti, brought a mattress from the visitor’s room and made an extra bed next to my king size one explaining to Amooti how daddy was sick so mummy had to sleep over. After the lights were out and our beautiful brat had slept, my fellow adult joined me in bed. She was only wearing a bra; she rested her head on my chest. Wrapped her hand around me, I was already naked.

She put one of her thighs above my legs and my whopper shot up as we kissed. In a matter of one minute she was holding my whopper and injecting it into her pot and I grabbed her leg and began pumping her slowly. Her waist is now spinning at an alarming speed, I cautioned her about her screaming but in a matter of seconds, she went full blast again.

She wrapped her arms and legs around my body, and let out a prolonged hmmm!

A tidal wave swept through her waist area, she trembled for a moment as I kept on bonking, as she faintly let out a “hmmm ehh!

Then it was pyaka pyaka as I swung my member up and down. As she came, she screamed “ nkolako munda wansiwa.” When I pushed in my tail it must have rubbed her so well. She reminded me of our days in Kibuye, when she was married to Taata Juma. For the first time, she called my name, “you Hyena I can’t sleep before I suck you” in just a flash, my gu-thing was already in her mouth being sucked dry.

It took eight minutes to fully wake up and when it was the size she wanted, she sat on it and began shagging herself up and down. After it had down sized, we slept until 10:00am the next day.

Since then, Maama Amooti calls me each day to know whether I am okay. I dedicate to her Taata wabana yani by Juliana and Bobi wine.

Till next then, I remain yours truly, Mr.Hyena.


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