RAW HUMOUR! Mr. Hyena ‘services’ shaft-mates, almost smoked out by Yasmine

Life is sweet and only gets sweeter. I am happy to tell you that although Yasmine has been deploying spies to check up on my shafting activities, I have managed to dodge her traps so far. Anyway, for a while now, I have been teasing this ka house girl called Gorretti, begging her for the forbidden fruit.

Last weekend, she called me up and told me of how her boss had refused to give her money to go to the village, claiming that she doesn’t have money. “Imagine I have been slaving my butt off the whole year, hoping that I would go back to the village with a phone,” she lamented. Of course I already had a solution for her. “Don’t worry. If you give me what every man loves the most, then you will be the envy of every man in the village,” I promised and even started salivating just by imagining what I would do to her Stecia-like body.

After thinking for a while, she agreed to let me shaft her, so I directed her to a secret room where I met her shorty. As I explored her, she narrated a list of her problems. In order to shut her up, I gave her about 100k. Gorretti was so grateful that she immediately knelt down and thanked me.  “Enjoy it while you can. It’s your lucky day,” I bragged, before answering a call from Yasmine who was dying to know where I was. I cooked up a story before switching off the phone all together, because my whopper was too excited to be interrupted again. We got busy and I seriously started exploring her juicy bums.

Suddenly feeling too horny to even remove my own clothes, I said, “it’s a taboo in my culture for a man to remove his own clothes.” The babe expertly did as she was told. What else does your culture demand?” she asked sweetly. Other than exploring my whopper with your mouth, there is really nothing else required of you,” I answered. Gorretti thought about it for some seconds before doing the needful. I closed my eyes as electricity exploded in my system. The sweetness was almost making me faint, and I must have hit the top thrice in just 20 minutes. Afterwards, she made me lie down and did things that would make any red blooded man blush.

In fact after just 3 hours, my whole body was begging for rest. We changed to so many positions that I even lost count of them. The babe praised me in lusoga and I knew that I was shafting her very well. Afterwards, I decided to rest for some time but Gorretti was so excited over the money I had given her that she immediately rushed to do her shopping. As I was going back home, I got a call from mugole Faridah. “Hyena I want to say ‘bye’ to you,” she told me in a very soft voice. “It’s okay. Goodbye my dear,” I told her, still thinking about Gorretti’s bums. “Not like that. I want you to shaft me goodbye,” she insisted.

Although she was happily married, Faridah’s husband just couldn’t satisfy her high libido. Since I hate saying no to a water logged woman like Faridah, I just had to eat at least give her one round. We agreed to meet at ABC hotel opposite Owino market. The woman insisted that she wanted us to shaft while standing up. “I was born to make you happy,” I replied and did her the way she wanted.

Although I had been shafting non-stop for over 3 hours, just thinking about Faridah’s el-nino made me salute and sweat at once. To buy time, I made use of the famous western jazz that usually makes her run temporarily mad, speaking all sorts of tongues at once. We went on for about two hours, engaging all sorts of positions that you get to see in those X-rated movies. By the time I was through, I swear I could hardly stand up. She was so happy that she rewarded me with 500k. “That is for giving me the western jazz of the year,” she told me, before running out to do some shopping in kikuubo

Every part of my body felt broken up, so I decided to rest a little before going home to my devoted wife. I drove home in my BMW only to find Yasmine in a very bad mood. “Come to the bedroom. I want to check you out,” she said. We went to the room and she thoroughly examined me, to the extent that she took out the whopper and smelt it, and although she suspected that I had used it somewhere, she didn’t have enough evidence to implicate me. “I want you to shaft me right now,” she commanded suddenly.

I was glad that I had rested a little after shafting Faridah, because I knew that she just wanted to see whether I was my usual horny self. Fortunately for me, just looking at my wife’s smooth brown skin is enough to charge up my whopper, and within just minutes, I was ready for some shafting action. I shafted her until she begged me to stop, but by that time my back was aching from too much shafting. At least Yasmine was very convinced that I was still faithful to her.

Till then, I remain yours truly, The Mighty Hyena.


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