Re-united Zari, Ivan Back To Rock Kampala

Zari and Ivan

Zari and Ivan
Zari and Ivan

City Socialite Zari Hassan and her on and off Hubby Ivan Ssemwanga are in town for the festive season.

Now that the couple is on talking terms again, this dusty and muddy city of ours should expected to be painted red with the couple’s love and extravagant parties.

Zari will be hosting an All White Party in 10 days’ time while Ivan’s First Ever Boat Cruise that will see free food and booze flowing all day and night will follow three days after the all-white party. The dress code for the white party is strictly white and for the boat cruise bikini will do.

The charge for the All White Party is 30k for all. As for the the boat-cruise, 200 women won’t part with a penny but the men will have to cough a cool 100,000. This will entitle them to the full view of the Jamaican booty shakers on board. Due to public demand, the number of the gals required on the boat has since been increased to 200.

While in Kampala, the couple will also parade their new Lamborghini that is being shipped in from South Africa.

Early this year, the mysterious loaded couple separated following complaints from Zari of domestic violence. This resulted in Zari hooking up  basket ball star Isaac Lugude while her beau found solace in Nickita.

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10 thoughts on “Re-united Zari, Ivan Back To Rock Kampala

  1. “While in Kampala, the couple will also parade their new Lamborghini that is being shipped in by air from South Africa.” Let’s wait and see and please please only the car will do, not excuses.

  2. Valentine love!!!
    Because if its full time love and for ever then why get a breaks, throw tantrums, announce and then resume!!

    1. walugembe, good business needs publicity. That’s y there r radio n TV adverts, otherwise the likes of MTN, Warid, Orange, UTL o Airtel wldn’t be spending lots of money wen everyone knows we can’t do away with cellphones.
      Can u imagine how many guys are counting on going for Zari’s all white party n Ivan’s cruise. The more you talk about your business the more customers you get n thats good economics.
      Mujewo enugu banange.

      1. Don

        Ssi nugu. Is there anything really special that these two have done to deserve all this coverage? Some of us do not like being taken for fools. Look what happened to Michael Ezra, Bad Black, etc. This is definitely NOT the way to show that one has a lot of money.

  3. Don,
    so your effectively saying this Zari & Ivan relationship is business stuff…….so i can undertand why its never going to last.

  4. I believe everyone is free to do what pleases one, live life now there is no other. i dont c them hurting anyone by spending, so zari & Ivan merry xmass en happy new 2013.

    1. Frony, these two are giving the wrong example to our impressionable children. They are just a bunch of “hot air” just like Michael Ezra, Bad Black, etc before them.

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