Two Held Over MP’s Death

Former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda

Former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda Passed away on Friday
Former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda Passed away on Friday

The Uganda Police has announced that it is holding two suspects in connection to the death of Woman Member of Parliament for Butaleja, Cerinah Nebanda.

The outspoken legislator was pronounced dead on Friday after two men whose identity is yet to be known and a nurse delivered her to Mukwaya General Hospital in Nsambya, in Kampala.

According to Police mouthpiece Judith Nabakoba, one of the men in custody is an associate of Adam Suleiman Kalungi, the late MP’s boyfriend, who is believed to have been with her in the hours leading to her death.

The Police has also been tight lipped about the identities of the suspects who are in custody in order not to jeopardize on-going investigations.

Adam Sulumani kalungi, the boyfriend who is still on the run is wanted by Police to help in the investigations.

In the meantime, Pathologists from Police, Mulago hospital, Parliament, the MP’s relatives, government analytical laboratory continue to carry out medical tests to determine what could be the possible cause of the MP’s death.

In a related development, Dr Chris Baryomunsi who took part in the post mortem exercise on behalf of Parliament yesterday added more credence to the speculation surrounding the legislator’s demise when he ruled out natural causes or drug use as had early media reports had been alleging.

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17 thoughts on “Two Held Over MP’s Death

  1. The Police is like trying to avoid the would be good clues to this crucial investigation.In the first place the late telephoned her mother immediately after eating chips & juice at Munyonyo where she had gone to attend aconfference.Why are they not following such clues first to try and ask those who served the late with the chips.This is like the case of Kazini where the Police did not avil the snipher Dogs that would have tracked the right assylants of the man.Instead they relied on the evidence of the prostitute.If Police is going to do there work in an unproffessional way like this,then the country is leading the worst road.People all over the country are seeing whatever you are doing in this country.Remember to today its Nebandah,tomorrow we dont know who it will may be me or yourself who is trying to fail the investigations.God bless you but God knows the truth,we shall at the end all meet before the creator to answer individual sins.

  2. May her soul rest in eternal peace,Indeed Uganda has lost one of its vibrant daughters who fought to cause change to the ordinary citizen,We shall always remember you Hon Cerina Nebanda

  3. If I were them, I would also go to the place where she had chips and jiuce and look for the person who served her.

  4. What kind of doctor is Baryomunsi, anyway???? That’s our Uganda doctors for you. Not just incompetent but political as well. What are these statements supposed to imply???/

  5. This is so sad but time comes when God calls. May her soul rest in Eternal Peace. So many important people in our nation have passed on in such circumstances but the public never gets to be informed of the outcome. If the late phoned the mum, i believe whatever they talked was recorded by the respective telecom she made the call from. Let police begin from there and follow on. If the problem started after eating chips, i don’t think police can fail to find the person who served the late. All this happened before the boyfriend taking her to hospital. Please fellow Ugandans, whoever has information, help the police. Am kindly requesting the police to keep us posted on the outcome this time around. The president said in one week so am waiting for the outcome.

  6. police will never come out with anything clear about such cases, if the deceased said she ate chips at munyonyo why doesn’t the police start from there, why are they involving the boyfriend who picked and took her to hospital, wasn’t he right to fight for what belonged to him. instead of starting with what is on ground they will end up pinning the boy friend,
    Police for Gods sake dont you think you wast a lot of peoples time in this mere investigation that never amount to anything? If you are not hiding something, God knows the whole thing and the root of the matter. You can deceive other people and not God.

    Rest in peace nabanda You went so early at a very tender age We shall surely miss you dearly

  7. Its really unfortunate that she left so soon.I think the police should make clear investigations with alot of transparency like my collegue kataribabo says so that we witness justice.There must be alot thats hidden that led to her death.We lost a devoted leader…May her soul Rest In Peace

  8. MY PEOPLE i salute you all fellow country men,
    As much as we want the truth to come out, it might be harder at one point. Yesterday as i listened to CBS FM 88.8 news at about 9.00pm, Somebody from Munyonyo claimed Cerina did not step there on Friday. So now i don’t know who is lying n telling trueth. Also Police instead of combing evidence from Munyonyo, they are only concentrating on chasing a missing bf. God have mercy. Cerina with due respect RIP.

  9. Guys who knows who killed noble mayombo. cerinah may b one of those mysterious cases. police shld start with da mum, people @ munyonyo & bf definately. police shld show us their professionalism atleast this once. am watching.

  10. Oh my Uganda, who used to be the Pearl of Africa, Now a crying Nation!

    How long will our tears Flow?

    Indeed the piper calls the tune and others dance…..

    I wonder why some MPs were reported to have got OIL money to challenge the Bill.

    was this True ? ?

    Could the death of our own Nabende from NRM be another celebration to cause the piper call the tune and others dance?

    Wait before Christmas to hear of another dance which will cover up Nabende’s death..

    Oh Uganda your now a private property owned by the so called investors…

    Oh Uganda now some one Owns you!!!!

  11. police kindly look for that person who rang CBS Radio and let him or her tell us if is an employee in Munyonyo or whose spokesperson he works.

  12. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah don,t you know that female dog always eats away that puppy borrn with horns for the simple reason that it may expose …………. and|or even become popular.

    Just guess what happened to Mayombo, Ayume ,Kazin ,Adrew Kayira etc etc etc well condolences to the bereaved family and ugandans

  13. So sad to loose cerina et this young age.She did alot to da p’ple of Butaleja en Uganda et large.Its a painful moment to me to here this info.from da press,(RIP Nebanda).Cerinas mother knows the truth of wat happened to da daughter after eating chips in munyonyo.Police sh’d start investigation 4rm da chips corner

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