Reasons Why The Pyjama Party Flopped

Pyjema Party host Rita Love Kagwa

On Saturday night, club venom was the place to be for fun and flesh lovers since it was the first ever Pyjama party hosted by Ritah Kaggwa In Kampala.

Pyjema Party host Rita Love Kagwa
Pyjama Party host Rita Love Kagwa

The theme of the night was strictly Pyjamas and general bedroom attire.

The event is reported to have flopped massively due to the following reasons.

  1. 1. Facebook wars

The organizer Ritah Kaggwa has been involved in nasty exchange of vulgar words and attacks with almost 80% of her friends. She has broken up with various people who at one time were once her closest buddies.

So people lost interest in the woman that is so quarrelsome .

  1. 2. Lack of sponsorship

The Pyjama party had no famous sponsor on board at all. Even the most established Ugandan artists need sponsors both for financing and advertising.

Ritah Kaggwa felt like Facebook was so enough for her to land the desired number of revelers.

  1. 3. Blinded by Facebook followers

Ritah has a huge number of Facebook followers who like and comment on her posts regardless of their type and content.

So she best-believed that these ‘fans’ directly convert into real life fans who would pay 30k for her party

  1. Wrong choice of venue

Club Venom is undeniably one of the best clubs in the country but for a party that is starting, it was too far for people who stay in the immediate outskirts of the city.

Kabalagala is not a bad place, but surely it is too far for most people who stay around Kireka, Bweyogere, Nakulabye, Bukoto, Ntinda and the neighboring areas.

The party without any doubt flopped massively since the club had very few people, with few booked seats, and most of the revelers were on invites, others were employees of venom, and of course daily customers of the club who can hardly cough a coin for a Pyjama party.

Virtual organizing committee

All the planning of the party was done on Facebook. Ritah never had a team of people working to see that the party comes off as success.

She thought social media was enough to persuade people that this was a party worth attending.

Which is not the case; Parties need real time and on-ground work to make sure that people turn up.

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