Zari Refuses To Breastfeed Daughter


For the past years she has been on the scene, Zari Hassan’s life has been full of drama and she seems so ready to introduce her newborn daughter Tiffah to the same.

zari jams

Recently, a shocking photo of Diamond Platinumz appeared online, while he was bottle-feeding his baby.

Apparently, some sources believe that Zari denied the baby breast milk fearing that her breasts would go sagging like a pair of socks.

“Zari doesn’t want her breasts to look like stockings, she has refused to breastfeed her new daughter,” a snoop intimated.

Whatever her reasons are, most people are in fear that Tiffah may not be as healthy as desired, since breast milk plays a big role in building a child’s brains.

This comes shortly after a report also appeared online, that Zari’s daughter is up for auction.

Apparently some Tanzanian media houses are offering millions of dollars to be the first to run the face of the baby.

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