Red Banton evicted from house over rent arrears

Forgotten singer Red Banton has been evicted from his   rental in which he has been staying for the last eight years.

Red Banton’s eviction came to light when his landlady appeared in the media saying she is fed up with the singer’s failure to clear his rent arrears.

The landlady stressed that she lost her cool when the “Sijja Kuva Kampala” singer insulted and blacklisted her contacts on when she tried to ask him to pay the rent.

She explained that Red Banton has been their client for more than five years and that he started by renting a full apartment at Shs750,000k.

Somehow, his finances fell short to the extent that he couldn’t afford to pay promptly. They then suggested that some rooms be rented to other individuals to which he agreed and it was done.

However, Banton has failed to pay rent even for the rooms he was left with. When the singer was contacted to have a word about the allegations, he denied abusing her landlady.

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