Road users decry ginormous cracks developing on Kabale-Katuna highway

Cracks ravage a section of the Kabale Katuna High way

Kabale – The kabale – katuna highway the gateway to the Uganda – Rwanda border has developed cracks barely a few years after its construction.

The construction work was undertaken by Reynolds Construction Company was complete as in 2016.

However, the road has developed visible cracks between Kyonyo and Mayengo in katuna town council raising concern among road users and residents about the quality of work.

Sam Mugume , a regular user of Kabale – katuna road says unless remedial action is taken, the cracks may turn into dark spots on the road.

Nelson Nshangabasheija, the Katuna Town Council mayor says is asking the Uganda National Roads Authority to make a quick intervention as the road has cracked at Mayengo just a few meters to the katuna border, and Kyonyo as well near Kamuganguzi health centre III saying that where it has cracked are the blacks spots on the Kabale-katuna highway as many accidents have happened on these places.

Nshangabasheija says that the kabale-katuna highway was the gate way to rwanda before rwanda closed it border one year and four months ago as he asks the two leaders to dialogue and see that the border is opened after the covid 19 epidermic is fought .

Allan Sempebwa, the Uganda National Roads authority Media Manager says that they are aware of the cracks as they have already scheduled to start major works on the kabale-katuna road soon as their team is currently working at Kaharo and says that the cracks are being caused by the forces in the soil which have been coupled with the raid and landslides and then pull the pavement.

“We are aware of the cracks as we have already scheduled to start repairs as we did a repair at Kaharo our team are shifting equipment to those other sections we are going to do repairs on those sections, they are on our plans we have scooped all those cracks as you know the forces in the soil are disturbing us as you know when you couple it with the rains and landslides so the pavement is trying to pull, we are monitoring the highway as our teams are starting Soon”. Sempebwa said.

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This is not the first time that the road is developing cracks as Between 2011 and 2012, the company that was constructing it Reynold construction company was compelled to do remedial works after the road started peeling off as of recent in 2018 landslides destroyed the road at Kyonyo Leading to the road to curve in.

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