Robbers hit South Sudan’s upper house of parliament

Robbers hit South Sudan’s upper house of parliament

At least 200,000 South Sudanese Pounds were stolen from South Sudan’s Council of States in Juba by criminals on Sunday morning, according to local sources.

The sources said the criminals poisoned three of the security guards by sending some girls to give them drugged food, incapacitating them. The guards, who were hungry, accepted the food from the girls thinking that they were being generous.

Zacharia Abdalla, one of the security guards who survived the incident, said the girls who assisted the criminals were four in number. He suspected that the drugs had been in the juice that they were given.

“They were four South Sudanese girls. They came and told Gatkuoth, don’t go for dinner we will bring you food with us. This was at night,” said Abdalla.

Jaden Jada, Acting Speaker of the Council of States, said on Monday that thieves then stormed the Council of States during the early hours of the night on Sunday during a rainstorm.

He acknowledged that the criminals drugged the security guards and then looted the properties inside the council. Jada said the criminals did not use their guns during the incident.

The guards were taken to Juba Teaching Hospital for treatment and were reported to be in critical condition. One of them passed away.


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