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ROBIN KISTI aka Robinah Nambooze, is the former NTV Login presenter,socialite and high end MC. We had a chat on what she is up to lately. Below is our conversation

FabMc: How do you spend your lockdown time in this pandemic era?
Kisti: I spend a lot of time watching TV shows and movies, currently watching Dynasty on Netflix.


FabMc: Tell me about your love life?
Kisti: I am in a relationship with Jerome who is an African American businessman.


FabMc: Briefly describe to me your ideal man
Kisti: I will attach a picture of him because I am dating him right now.

FabMc: Tell me 2 things you can’t stand about men
Kisti: They are my weakness. I hate that they think they are better than women.


FabMc: What is your favorite meal?
Kisti: Matooke and gnut sauce.


FabMc: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Kisti: Crying when they meet me. It always freaks me out.

FabMc: What is your biggest/weirdest fear and why?
Kisti: Dying, and because I have so many things to accomplish in this world.


FabMc: What would be your super power?
Kisti: Turning back time.


FabMc: What pet would you love to have and why?
Kisti: A small monkey because they are cute.


FabMc: Imagine you are in love with your boyfriend and another guy comes into your life and you really like him. How would you drop your old love or keep them both just in case?
Kisti: I don’t look for other men while in a relationship unless I don’t love them.

FabMc: What would be a good theme song for your life?
Kisti: Happy by Pharell Williams


FabMc: Which fictional character would be the most exciting to meet in real life?
Kisti: Olivia Pope from Scandal


FabMc: What is the best/worst purchase you’ve ever made?
Kisti: Best purchase was my first car. Worst purchase sanitary towels that we buy every month as women. Those things should be free…hahahahah


FabMc: What are some things that sound like compliments on you but are actually insults?
Kisti: That I am pretty for a dark skinned girl. I hate that!


FabMc: What’s a body part that you wouldn’t mind losing and why?
Kisti: My eyebrows because mine are annoying.


FabMc: If you had a kid from an earlier relationship which failed and you are now getting married, would you tell your lover about the kid or you'd wait until after you put a ring on it?
Kisti: I would tell them because you can’t hide a kid if you are a sensible and mature woman.


FabMc: What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?
Kisti: I don’t screw up in the kitchen coz I am a great cook. My mum taught me right.


FabMc: What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen?
Kisti: I don’t watch commercials coz I don’t watch terrestrial TV.


FabMc: What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
Kisti: Nothing that I can think of, I mostly do the tricking…hahaha


FabMc: What’s the most useless talent you have?
Kisti: I don’t have useless talents.


FabMc: Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?
Kisti: Kampala


FabMc: What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?
Kisti: If in Africa we live with animals in our back yards. This is when I was at college in America.

FabMc: What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10 in Uganda here and why?
Kisti: I don’t have one


FabMc: What message you would give to your fans?
Kisti: Let’s fight hard to bring change to Uganda because our country is going to the dogs. The time for change is now, so with that said Mufune Endanga Muntu!

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