Rwampara District CAO, Production Officer arrested over 35m PDM money

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Amos Tsyebwa
The Rwampara District Chief administrative officer Steven Rubeihayo and his Staff the Production Officer  Athanasious Gumisiriza have been arrest for allegedly embezzling Parish development model funds.
The two were arrested yesterday  taken to Nyeihanga Police station where by press time were still in the cells awaiting for their statements.
This arrest came after the PDM meeting held at Rwampara District  Headquarters in  Kinoni by the RDC.  During the meeting, it was found out that there was loophole in the accountability of some PDM money.
According to sources, it is alleged that the CAO and his production Officer have been accused of the missing PDM money totaling to 35millions.
Richard Owomugasho, the Rwampara District LC5 Chairman has revealed that  over 35 million Uganda shillings was  meant for sensitization and mobilization of house holds and data collection in Parishes of Rwampara district.
According to the information, it has been revealed that the Production Officer made a fake report to the RDC indicating that he sent the money 35m to Ndeija sub-county accounts to support the parish Chiefs and the data collectors within this sub-county.  However, the parish chiefs and data collectors say that they have never received any money from the district.
Owomugasho added that over 7.8million shillings which was  also meant for  Parish development model  was found lacking for unaccountability. However,  the CAO claims that this money  7.8m was stack in Kinoni, kiruhura but up to now it has not been traced.
Jane Asiimwe Muhindo the  RDC Rwampara district said that during the registration of groups, some civil servants would ask for 34000 shillings for each group to be registered  and yet the CAO knew about it and never did anything. She said that it was the role of the CAO to follow up this matter because no one is supposed to ask money for registration. She said that there might have been connivance between the leaders (civil servants) and the CAO.
However the RDC urged the people to embrace parish development model so that they can increase on their house hold income. She further noted that this program is a serious program which people must ensure they avoid mixing it with corruption. She warned civil servants and other leaders to implement this program carefully.

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