Rwampara to launch community Health Insurance Scheme In marathon

Rwampara MPs Julius Karuhanga Tusiime and Molly Asiimwe District Woman MP Rwampara

Rwampara MPs Julius Karuhanga Tusiime and Molly Asiimwe District Woman MP Rwampara

RWAMPARA | RedPepper Digital – Leaders and community people from the Mwizi sub-county and Rwampara District at large, have organized a mega marathon meant to launch a community Health Insurance Scheme to improve health services in Rwampara District.

The marathon is slated for 26th December 2021, it is also intended at contributing to health community medical and health care to strengthen Health cohesion in Rwampara District.

The marathon is going to be held in Mwizi in Kabura trading center.

According to the intensions of this, the first of it’s kind will always happen on 26th December every year. It is mandated that each person will be paying UGX25,000= meant for medical check-up and treatment (annual medical care) under the insurance scheme. All these will be done at Rwenyaga medical centre.

As the Members of Parliament and Rwenyaga Catholic Parish led by Fr. Vicent Tumwebaze Kaboy, the Rwampara MPs who include Rwampara East Constituency MP Julius Karuhanga Tusiime, Rwampara District Woman MP Molly Asiimwe and Rwampara County MP Amos Kankunda have collaborated and started an initiative called Rwampara Tweragurize Initiative.

According to Julius Tusiime, the Rwampara East MP said they also have total support from all the District Local Government, Town Councils and SubCounties Leadership and All the people in Rwampara East Constituency where the marathon and all services shall be hosted.

” After realization and recalling difficulties in having health services in our communities, we have come up with initiative of uniting, pulling some of our meagre resources and efforts together for the common goods and interests of our healthy growth. This program enables individuals to pay for their health care before they get sick through an annual payment as a subscription” said Tusiime.

Rwampara Tweragurize initiative (RTI) patterns with different private hospitals to serve it’s members. RTI services offered include treatment of diseases except for chronic diseases like advanced cancer, diabetes hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases.

Tusiime calls all and every person from Rwampara District to come and embrace this initiative and the activity of 26th December 2021.

He said that it is time o over on and to work together for our own health, that he believes this marathon will bring together and the first wound of health in Rwmpara will inflict. Rwampara District has only 2 health centre IVs and only two health centres III.

In this regard, Tusiime also encouraged his people during this Xmas season to make sure they follow SOPs of COVID-19 as they go in gatherings or congregations. He also advised parents to spend sparingly during this Christmas season because children are going back to school very soon. He further encouraged vigilance towards security consciousness, that let LCs know all the visitors come to their areas

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