I’m on top of Western UG’s Music – Sexy Heli Baibe

Heli Baibe is the girl trending on all social media and TVs now. With her soothing voice, she has managed to topple the western Uganda music fraternity. Thanks to her 17 songs in just three years and her latest ‘Too Much’ hit song.

We tracked her down and shared a lot with us

Who is Heli Baibe?

Heli is an artist from Kasese. I was born and raised in Kasese. I am based in Kasese

Where did your musical journey start?

My music journey started way back when I was a child. But commercially I started taking music seriously in 2019. Up today I have 17 songs that I have worked on successfully. I have also done around 9 videos for some of those hit songs.

Among all industries, why did you join the controversial music industry?

Hahaha! I joined this industry because each one on this earth has what he or she is good at. I am simply good at music. I do it with all my passion. So I decided to put my passion into it and here I am now.

Is Music your full-time job? What did you study or do apart from music?

Music is my full-time job. I don’t have anything I am doing now. So I decided to give all my time to music and this is why I am now successful.

Growing up as a young girl, what sort of character were you?

Omg… taking back time, I grew up as a humble girl. Very down to earth girl. People loved me so much and I loved being around people. I also loved God from way back. My parents taught me how to pray and in the process I found myself loving God.

Let’s talk about your new song, What is the song all about? Who wrote it and recorded it?

My new song  ‘Too Much Is all about love. The song simply takes about two lovers promising each other to keep themselves very safe for each other from haters and every dangerous thing. It is all about love. I have many songs. I am the best female musician in Western Uganda. My songs have played in the international media and no one has done it so far.

You have a soothing voice, do you use it to get what you want in life?

I use my voice to create good sounds for people to listen to. I also use my voice to create music and inspire many young people out there. My music is educational and teaching.

Now that you’ve broken through to the top level, what is your music plan?

I am planning to do a first career album very soon. So I am looking around for some collabos

Let’s talk about the challenges faced so far?

So far so good. I haven’t had many challenges as such. Everything is going well and I hope it stays the same.

Have you ever dated a man for money?

Oh no… I have never dated any man for money. I don’t look at a man’s money because I am making mine.

Who injects money in you?

I have good management that does all my things from finances to my lifestyle.

Your next five year plans?

I want to achieve my dreams. I want my dreams to come true and give out good music until the top

Your message to fans?

All I can say is thank you so much for supporting me. My fans have been there for me all through. They have supported and loved me so much. I promise them nothing but the best in this coming future.

They can go ahead and listen to my latest hit songs. Subscribe to all my social media pages. My latest youtube link here; https://youtu.be/BvbWjJyL0FY

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