School Director Arrested For Defilement

The director of Bright valley primary school in Gulu Lovis Odokonyero is in police custody for defiling a 14 year old pupil of his school.

The victims father Patrick Oola Lumumba got curious when her daughter was found in possession of a new mobile phone.  The girl would then spend hours holding conversations. Upon investigations, the parents realized that the extended calls were coming from the school director.

Oola says he had been hoodwinked by Odokonyero after he accepted her daughter in school when the parents failed to pay school fees on time.

Lumumba says that Odokonyero has been confusing the daughter with a lot of money and gifts while lying to concerned members of the public that he was related to the parents.

Odokonyero however says he is being defamed.

But the Parent insists that he is taking the matter seriously in order to protect other children in the same school

The Aswa police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema says Odokonyero will be taken for a medical examination before charges are pressed against him. Okema adds that the director will be charged with defilement.

Last year the high court in Gulu sentenced James Omara to 40 years for defiling and infecting his cousin with HIV/Aids.

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