Signature Premium did not collapse as per say – Owner speaks out

Amos Tayebwa
There has been several rumors spreading around  the City  following the closure of the top Happing Place in Mbarara Signature Premium Bar which they say it  has collapsed after counting losses causing it’s closure over excessive debts.
Signature premium has been  closed now close to three weeks without operating. All operations  at this place that include, bar, and restaurant have been ceased off. Currently, the place is restricted from entering by outsiders.  This has made night club Lovers from Mbarara very worried about the incident on the closure of this bar.
According to sources, it has been alleged that debts have overpowered the owner of this bar Gerald Tukamuhebwa  who opted to close this place to sort himself first. It has been alleged that some of debts that have been identified by our sources include 35m for UMEME taxes, 5m for one of the stationeries in Mbarara and other debts from different suppliers which he did not pay. Signature Premium has been a reception of VIPs, corporates and Celebes from the all corners of Uganda. It is located in Mbarara City Opposite Independence park.
Some of the people have also revealed that when MC Kacheche and DJ Max left Signature as per time workers, it was the start of its downfall. The duo  resigned from  Signature some time back and joined Vibes Lounge.  Sources have it that when the duo left Signatue they attracted most of the clients from Signature who followed them also at Vibes Lounge a new happening place in Mbarara. These two celebrities Signature left after  failing to agree on terms and conditions put on them by their Boss.
However, Tukamuhebwa, the Signature Premium Boss has trashed the rumours put on the closure of his business claiming that they are intending to tarnish the name of his business. Tukamuhebwa said that Signature premium  has not collapsed instead they have only closed for a while as they do some renovations to improve on the standards of its operations and services.
Tukamuhebwa added that Signature Premium will soon have a massive grand opening as renovations are done.  According to Tukamuhebwa, he said that in business there is a lot challenges one must face most especially competition where your competitors wish you to fall and they takeover. He also said that when an employee leaves it does not cause the place to collapse or close. That Kacheche and DJ Max were good at Signature but they failed to follow terms and conditions as the bar wanted them to work. That this did not affect the bar when the duo left.
Tukamuhebwa was  the former Procurement  officer for Ntungamo District and he was the proprietor of Dinners Bar in Kampala which allegedly collapsed some time back. After Dinners failure Tukamuhebwa never gave up, he then came to Mbarara and started Signature Premium  around 2018 and it has been on a top notch since it was opened in Mbarara.

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